With singing and dancing, the Khĩsêtjê people celebrated 20 years of Wawi Indigenous Land’s demarcation

Dance, celebration and resistance

Khĩsêtjê and their guests gathered themselves at the men’s house, in the center of Khinkatxi village
Khinkatxi village received the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Wawi Indigenous Land’s demarcation


Chief Kuiuissi Khĩsêtjê
The Khĩsêtjê going to the airstrip in Diauarum pole, in the Xingu Indigenous Park, to travel to Brasília in 1994. Pictures: Agda Detogni


Deforested area for soybean plantation on the edge of IL Wawi. Picture: Fábio Nascimento/ISA
On the left, Wisio Kawaiwete. On the right picture, a variety of products produced by the indigenous, such as honey, chestnut and pequi oil.


Pequi oil production. Picture: Rogério Assis/ISA
Winti, Khĩsêtjê people important leader, during the IL Wawi 20th anniversary celebration


On the left, AIK’s president, Weratxi. O the right, Mairawe Kawaiwete between Rubens Khĩsêtjê and André Villas Boas.
Kuyayutxi during the celebration.
After dancing all night long, indigenous celebrated dawn in Khinkatxi village.
Preparation to cover ngo’s roof, the house in the center of the village which received the meeting
Kuiussi (left) and his wife, Hwekondji put an adornment on their granddaughter Nhyngrêtxi, a young woman who left reclusion during the party. On the right picture, her grandmother and her mother Waiaku cut her hair fringe to finish the preparation
Singing and dancing marked the speeches of resistance and political articulation during the celebration
Winti (left) getting ready for the plenary. On the right picture, women finish the paintings for the celebration
On the left, shaman Tuiat Kawaiwete. In the center, chief Sadea Yudja. On the left, Hwekondji Khĩsêtjê
Children and youngsters also took part in the celebration
Presentation of different dances were part of the event
The celebration went through the night in Khinkatxi village



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