Indigenous and riverines from Xingu release a manifesto in defense of the Amazon on a video that went around the world. At the front line, the young O-é Kayapó Paiakan.

Xingu at the front line against destruction

Indigenous and riverines together in the center house, in the Kubenkokre village.
During three days the participants discussed strategies to defend their territory.

Shield against destruction

Satellite images show the advancement of deforestation at the Xingu surroundings

The advancement of illegal mining

Bengoti Kayapó shows the illegal mining areas inside his territory.

Forest on the ground

Iaut Arara lives in the Cachoeira Seca Indigenous Land, the last years deforestation champion.
Awãkayu Juruna, seven, lives in the Paquiçamba Indigenous Land, which suffers the impacts from Belo Monte Dam.

Production without destruction

Winti talks about the pequi oil. Behind, Tawaiku Yudjá explains how the Xingu Seed Network.

We left the past behind

Pukjora Panará is painted by chief Kokoba Menkragnoti.
On a bench in the center of the Kubenkokre village, indigenous and riverines posed for portraits that represent their alliance in defense of Xingu. On the picture, the Kayapó and the Panará peoples, which have already been historical enemies. From left to right: Doto Takak-Ire, O-é Kayapó, Nhgrenhto Xikrin, Mopnook Xikrin, Sinku Panará and Sykjä Panära.
On the picture on the left, O-é Kayapó, Liliane Ferreira, Nhgrenhto Xikrin and Mopnook Xikrin. On the right, Aritani Arawete, Kumuripa Xipaya and Tapirape Arawete.
On the left picture, Tawaiku Yudja and Winti Khĩsêtjê. On the right, Bepto Xikrin, Cléo Francelino, Bepkra Xikrin and Bemyryi Kayapó.
On the left picture, Liliane Ferreira, Kamikia Kisedje, Denilson Machado da Silva and Tilin Arara. On the right, Iaudo, Iaut and Pilik Arara.



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