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The Geodesic Income

Welfare For a Planetary Civilization

Sacred Geometry

In a world without tribes and national borders, it can be tempting to think that we’d organize as a massive blob of humans without a notion of imaginary regions. However, just as the imaginary construct of the firm is useful in creating boundaries between responsibilities and rights in the economy, humans are still likely to organize into collectives and zones. We don’t want something as arbitrary as national borders, nor as chaotic, transient and granular as private property borders.

  1. It is historically agnostic and bears no scars of prior conquest.
  2. The flexibility of the fractal design allows the distribution of regions and their scale to adjust dynamically

Knowing Your Customer

Suppose we want to create some voluntary basic income scheme that uses the blockchain to distribute income to triangles according to the relative income of the people who live there so that triangles in Nigeria get more money than triangles in New York. We have to have a mechanism for proving that certain individuals live where they claim to so that we don’t have scammers in rich countries spoofing their location to be in poor countries and claiming the majority of the pot. We want this mechanism to be decentralized because decentralization should be one of the base axioms of an planetary civilization. The days of pyramidal societies are behind us.

  1. Dispute resolution on initial registration to prevent identity theft.
  2. Linking identities to wallet addresses and allowing the owners to reassign wallet address at a later date.
  3. A step for owners who have lost access to their unique identity and want to re-apply for an existing identity while ensuring that this isn’t an vector for identity thieves.

Scrutinised By Humans

In a previous article I highlighted the importance of decentralized dispute mechanisms. Once again this will lie at the heart of the Geodesic Universal Basic Income because identity attestation and contestation will rely entirely on the functioning of a decentralized dispute resolution mechanism. As an example, users will upload photos to claim identity and when pushed to prove their identity, the attestors can require the user uploads new photos with unique traits such as “frown and bare your teeth”. Of course, as faking technology advances, so will attestation techniques. Once it is clear that the uploader isn’t just in possession of photos but can provide new photos on demand, the identity link is clearer. Outside observers can dispute the process through a decentralized court mechanism to keep the process trustworthy. This is why projects like Ulex are crucial for blockchain environments like Ethereum.

An Algorithmic Leveller

The final step is to algorithmically distribute funds to regions according to their average income. We maintain a running map of income statistics to triangles. Using a stable coin such as Dai, the solidity code might look something like this.

mapping (uint => uint) triangleDai;
mapping (uint => uint) trianglePopulation;
  1. Demographic change is accounted for without rewriting prior history.
  2. Following from (2), if an individual moves from a poor region to a rich region, they don’t lose claim to the benefits paid to them during their tenure in the poor region. Once again a decentralized court system can be invoked to keep beneficiaries honest about their locations.

A Disclaimer on a UBI

Some readers may grow uneasy at the prospect of creating money for nothing and indeed there are valid reasons to be suspicious about some of the purported benefits of a universal basic income. However, the purpose of using this instrument is to act as a placeholder for something more sophisticated. The point here is to issue funds to regions according to need. What each region collectively does with those funds could be as simple as a UBI or as complex as a community DAO or DISC which oversees the provision of public goods.

Creating a Civilization Stack

By getting creative with the tools of decentralization, we can overlay a new civilization on top of the existing institutions without requiring an abolition of the old. The new civilization can then be designed to compensate for the failures of the old so that your place of birth becomes increasingly less of a blessing or curse. This goes beyond income and can actually go as deep as social engineering. Perhaps in the future there’ll be an app to prevent violent crime.



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