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focus on the big issues/causes, mix the tools and get a community to drive the actions of everyone. As a global Gang we can make it happen.

With the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business, collaboration, open source, crowdsourcing gaining mainstream momentum we tend to forget that these are just tools. What matters isn’t the tools themselves but the issues to be solved at Scale, and in not too long if possible.

With MakeSense we’ve worked with Social Entrepreneurs all around the globe and we clearly see that for every specific problem a solution is and can be designed. Indeed during an Asia tour when we started the MakeSense project we discovered great innovations from entrepreneurs to solve issues in education, environement & health. All solutions seemed to exist and, even more positive : new innovation processes such as design thinking ( we’re experimenting it here ) , start-ups acceleration ( we’re experimenting it there ) can make the solutions/ideas emerge quickly from entrepreneurs if needed. However if you look at the “time to impact @ scale”, it’s still super long, super complicated and with many obstacles along the way of the start-up. Also even if the Social Business start-up scales, the problems are huge and when dealing with public services related issues a start-up/company alone cannot make it fast enough tosolve the problem in a complete way.

How to go further than just relying on the Social Entrepreneur’s growth to solve issues at scale, faster ?

When we were ask to participate to La France S’engage , an initiative started by the french president with a 50 millions euros fund. An idea started to emerge to answer that question. At the press conference to launch the initiative Martin Hirsch said something a bit like that “what if we could make great entrepreneurial initiatives that solve problems in our society scale at the country level in two years instead of 15 years". What if indeed, thanks to the Presidential effect and la France S’engage, we could match Social Entrepreneurs with an administration/organization or whatever structure which already have the scale to have an important effect on an issue like school drop out, youth employability, food waste, housing, immigration ?

It’s seems like a good good idea, everyone had it before of course, but the problem here lies in the execution, not the idea. So where does it block? It blocks at the stage of how to convince and help the platform that can be used to solve the problem at scale ( education administration, prison administration, employment agencies…) to open for pilot and then test the implementation of the innovation brought by the Social Entrepreneur quickly before scaling it up fast.

For this process to be accelerated, the “host platform” needs to be helped at country level to break it’s own inertia during the small and bigger pilot and this is where we think grassroot & organized mobilization like makesense knows how to do ( we’ve been experimenting it for the last 3 years ) can help.

Use the collective action of a community to break the inertia

Indeed we had this discussion at SenseCamp Paris during the “cause lab” workshop. How to organize within the makesense gang collective action to help solve specific issues leveraging on an entrepreneur and a platform at the scale of the problem ? How to break the inertia in administrations ( host platform )quickly thanks to sensemakers ?

Enough talk, let’s demo ;)

To answer, as always in MakeSense, someone in the gang already had the idea before and decided to experiment and prototype instead of talking too long. And actually Julien de Soussa & Caroline from the Gang are prototyping this approach right now on a great issue : How to eradicate the tons of food waste in university restaurants all around France in less than 2 years?

Julien de soussa from the MakeSense Gang

To prototype we have partnered with an amazing Social Entrepreneur ( Zeros Gachis ), the public administration ( university restaurant, minister of education ) and a wonderfull team of volunteers. We already have the approval for the pilot phase starting in March by the administration , but in the meantime you need you to get engage this weekend with us to be part of this amazing new adventure starting. Choose the role you want to play in this collective quest mixing #socent #sensemakers and the administration so that together we can solve this issue of foodwaste, but even more, find the right approach to solve many more issues in the months to come.

It start here, click below and join us this week end for the kick OFF of the food waste adventure and amazing new ones to come.

Update on the post in September :

3 month later : The Public administration loves so much the idea that we’ve been able to test the first version in 3 Restaurants, 6000 meals a Day. We’ve learnt a lot and now we’re working on debugging and building the V2 before a presentation this thursday at the 60th anniversary of the CNOUS ( public administration managing university canteens ) in Front of the Education & University Minister. We hope that soon it will be rollout to all the university Canteens in France after some more tests. Caroline & Julien with the Coders of Zeros Gachis have worked on the V2 during the weekend.

Now to make these kind of collective impact with Citizens, Social Entrepreneurs and Public administration happen all around the globe we need your support to deploy our expertise in 10 world regions but winning the Google Impact Challenge France. Vote for us here : http// , Check out our plan to make it happen here :

Thanks for your support :)

Keep on groovin,


MakeSense Co-founder.

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