“Maybe…” or the Syrian refugee survival struggle

Credits: UNRWA

War in Syria, in its heart-wrecking fifth year,

Thousands of Syrians are on the move every day.

“If you stay, it’s death” said a Syrian refugee to the International Rescue Committee camera. “But if you leave, maybe it’s death. Or maybe it’s a better life…”


In fact, a better life is not guaranteed to the Syrian refugees, even once they finally cross the frontiers of Syria and Lebanon.



In a refugee camp during the harsh winter,

Right now, it’s only in its beginning.

No fuel, no heaters to stay warm,

Kids and newborn babies are the most in danger.

“I’m worried about my kids, I have two baby girls.”, said a Syrian Refugee to a news reporter at Vice. “I hear stories about babies dying from Hypothermia”.
A Syrian refugee boy reacts as he stands barefoot on snow outside a tent at a refugee camp in Zahle, in the Bekaa valley.

The fragile tents often collapse,

With the water leaking from above.

No window or wall is hard enough to keep the snow and the rain away.

No wood or resource to even light up a fire,

Mediocre sanity and hardly any food prevail.

After answering all of these survival basic needs,

If possible,


There comes the next refugee problem to solve.

Beyond just school interruption,

Some 7 year-olds have never been to school.

They cannot spell their name or even read and write.

Behold the future,

Education is the most powerful weapon to advance human life.

In its absence, is the collapse of civilization.


Over 1 million refugees currently live in Lebanon.

Only up to 500,000 people can be reached globally by the UNHCR and other partners to meet mere emergency needs.

The number of Registered Syrian refugees in some villages of the Bekaa Valley has exceeded the number of locals.

Lebanon, with the highest Refugee per Capita ratio in the world, still welcome more Syrians every day.

Syrian refugees account to more than 20% of the population residing in Lebanon today.

If we breath Lebanese air, it is our duty to help them.


How can you help?

It is time to raise awareness about the cause of Refugees and imagine solutions to improve their living situation in the camps in Lebanon.
MakeSense.org believes in turning problems into opportunities for business while sustaining the impact of these solutions on the most pressing needs of the society.

If you are or know a social entrepreneur / social initiative that aims to empower refugees or answer to their basic needs, get in touch with us to give them ideas and new solutions through creativity workshops!

For more information, contact me at elsa@makesense.org

Examples of urgent basic needs for the refugees.

Elsa is community developer for Lebanon and the MENA region;
if you’re a social entrepreneur of want to help one, get in touch with her at

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