If plastic is the problem, is bioplastic the solution?

In June 2019, one of Japan’s largest retailers — convenience store chain Seven Eleven — announced that it will be replacing the packaging of its rice balls (onigiri 🍙) with bioplastic.

🍙 Onigiri 🍙 lined up in Seven Eleven — a convenience store, or ‘conbini’ (Photo: Mariko McTier)

Considering that Japan has the world’s second highest rate of plastic packaging waste per capita in the world (second only to the US) and a study recently found 3 million plastic bags in




Social Innovation Japan is a platform for social action. We organise events, workshops, and programs for people to learn, connect and take action on today’s most pressing challenges. Together, we are building a movement for social good from Japan, with the rest of the world.

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Mariko McTier

Mariko McTier

Mariko is Co-Founder of mymizu — and award-winning circular economy initiative and Co-founder / Representative Director of Social Innovation Japan

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