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Life is precious, life is too short. So often, people take life for granted. I believe I was one of them. Living on the edge, not really caring much because I was so sure about waking up the next morning. So sure I was going to see my loved ones for years to come. Naturally like some teenagers or young adults, the urge to experiment was there. Drinking, smoking, and drugs were used carelessly. Random acts of violence, fights, and sex were then more consistent at my place of employment.

But as time moves forward my realization that this vacation we are all on, will come to an end. The arguments and painful moments we have endured won't matter. The boyfriend or girlfriend that broke up with us won't matter. What matters is living the life you lead to make others feel the joy you possess. To see the growth of all things beautiful.

So that when your gone, people can remember your name and think about how much of a positive impact you left on others. Some days are a struggle, and some days I let my anger get the best of me. But I strive to do the best for myself so I can be the best for others.

As my love for life grows, and my willingness to see the beauty on this earth magnifies with an intensity that is pure passion and heart. I see and look at the little things and realize in the middle of all this turmoil, there is so much amazement at what we as human beings have created.

Not only at what we have created but the natural wonders that are in front of us every day. Ever since my first yoga class almost a year ago, I feel like I fell into an enlightened phase of my life. The calming natural high I felt by re-centering my mind with the breath. To focus on the here and now, left my body feeling tingly and alive.

This newfound focus has brought on many more challenges. Some people that appeared to be your friend don't seem to be so friendly anymore. Certain habits had to be switched out for new, positive ones. A different approach means new beginnings.

It made me upset at first to leave my old lifestyle behind because I personally thought I was missing out. But the deeper I dig into my new world, I find it the other way around, that most of my old friends are the ones missing out. Masked by drugs and bad habits I wish the best for them.

But on the other hand, it's scary. It's scary to think that we are here for a short time and then we disappear into a realm of the unknown. To some people that can't shake the pain and discomfort life has thrown at them, it could be peaceful to think of it all going away once our life has been taken.

But to others like myself, the hardest part would be understanding now, the pain and discomfort that our loved ones go through after losing a life that meant the world to them. The sad reality of just not being there anymore. I am so saddened for life lost.

The older we get the more you hear of people passing away from such tragic ways. That's why I will do my best to bring out the positive sides of people. To learn as much as I can, so I can be the best father, friend, and lover that a person can be. Not only for the people around me but to set a positive example for others in the future. Hoping people can see life in a different light and make a change for the better.

So, seeing that tomorrow is not promised, I can rest my eyes another night knowing I had nothing but the greatest intentions out there for my close friends and family. Knowing that I have done my best to show that number one person, my daughter, how to see the world through a greater light.

To find joy in the simple things and focus only on what we can control. Because before we know it our time will come. The only thing that matters will be the impressions of happiness you instill in others.

What will the people in your life think of you when you're gone? That question is entirely up to you.



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