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Listen! Myself is talking

Photo by Ahalya Arulnayagam on Unsplash

“Hey! You’ve been awfully silent. Everything’s okay?”

“I don't know whether everything is okay. I am down”

“Talk to me… We will make things right”

“I feel alone and scared all the time. Depressed and stressed. My thoughts are trembling. Head is shaking all the time with stuffs that are dark… so dark. It is like I am falling into this pit and whenever I am coming out of it, someone is pushing me back or I slip somehow on my way out. I lose control of myself and feel less confident day by day. Every day, every time someone or something is telling me that I am a failure, I am a failure and I lose a part of myself every day; every moment”

“Whoa, that’s a load of thoughts to handle all at once. Didn’t see that coming…”

“Well! Yeah, I’m pretty messed up, in short; I’d say…”

“First of all… messy is good. No one is flawless. Every one of us is messy and you just admit it which, I’d say BRAVE”

There was a pause.

“I can say it’s gonna be okay but it wouldn't heal you at all. Plus you know that too. But I can say one thing; don't let your insecurities and fears create your reality. No one is ‘too good’ or ‘perfect’. Everything happens to you so to give you an opportunity to work on it. If you feel down with those minor things; that means you are not strong enough to live through. You are not worthy of living this amazing life”


“Anything is possible for you if you can let your heart outshine all the insecurities and incapabilities. The world is just a complex math quiz. You might not the answer on the first attempt but it not too far from reach if you try with confidence”


“Things work out. I cannot stress this enough. THINGS DEFINITELY WORKOUT. It always turns out into something favorable even if it is not according to your plan. You may utterly confused, and lost right now, it may feel like you are drowning in the trembling thoughts and fears, and there is nothing for you to do to salvage any of it; but trust me, this is just a phase. You get it right?”


“The reality is not stable. It keeps changing like it doesn't like the metro rail. Never waits for anyone to hop in. It moves when it is done loading the people living in with the realities. Either you blame yourself for being late or wait patiently for the next one. Because you see…,”


“life has this funny way of working out… You don't see it today but you might see that tomorrow”

Hey! Who missed me? I had to take a break from writing to focus on myself and work on my thoughts so that I can be mentally healthy. As a grad student, I have to concentrate more on being sane at least six days a week (kidding). Hope you guys have a good day! Let’s write more and read more.




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