Court of Thorns and Roses — Fiction Book series that taught me self love (Paintings below)

Jul 1 · 5 min read
Credit: FEYSHAND ACOTAR fanart

It was raining outside and I was cozily cuddled up in a bundle watching it splatter away happily all around the patio. I always have loved the monsoon, autumn, and winter seasons more. The fresh grass smell during the rain, the fragrance, and colors of Autumn, and the seasonal spirit that spreads cheer in the hearts of even the grumpiest scrooges.

There was still this regretful energy in me that I wanted to get away from and be lost in a world somewhere far away. Come to think of it, it was a while since I read a good high fantasy fiction novel and dwelled in its world in my imagination, where characters came to life, some funny, some romantic, where strange creatures dwelled, where dialogs can bring chills down your back and most importantly where magic is possible.

After a little research, I landed upon the series called “COURT OF THORNS and ROSES”. Hmmm… there were an ample amount of good reviews on GoodReads and the plot seemed interesting.

So I bought the series and braced my mind to start spinning the trail of words into the world of imagery fascination.

I am NOT kidding when I say, that two months just flew by with this series. I loved dwelling in the worlds of different courts, loved dancing with the characters as they spun under starry nights, loved falling in love with a beautiful man who could shatter billion hearts with one smile, loved how the main character grew from a little girl to the most powerful queen, loved embracing a character’s anxiety and depression and rooted for her as she gritted towards her destiny of becoming true power, the death god…

I am not exaggerating when I say that this book got me out of my own depression, helped me build my self-esteem, helped me learn how you should be treated by the love of your life, how sometimes we ignore how much we are changing ourselves for someone we love and suffering because of it, how you should learn to love yourself, how to never give up on life, how no matter what there is time for everything, how working out can help you become a stronger version of yourself, how true friendships and family support each other and so much more…

It was so much more than just a story for me. In my mind and world of imagination, I became the main character, I grew up from that little girl into a queen, I found my mate for life, who believed in me and showed me what true love, unbiased, unconditioned feels like, I found my true friends who would cross the worlds for me, to protect me and love me for who I am.

The most important lesson that I learned though was that it is alright to be alone than being with people who deep down don’t really care for you, that it is alright to wait for your ideal love than to settle down and be a prisoner in your own mind. It helped remove, if not all but most of the toxicity from my life, helped me have clarity and voice against what's wrong and most importantly helped me be at peace with myself.

By the end of the series, I wanted to do something more… I wanted to cherish and celebrate this journey. So I decided to paint the characters and bring them to life on canvas. This started another journey of inspiration. Mind you, I am not much of a drawing person and so I took some help and downloaded sketches that were available online to paint them, copied them on canvas, and started to paint.

(An open request to all artists whose art I have used to paint, please don’t hate me for this, if anything, please take this as a fellow artist taking inspiration from her team to just do what she can to feel free)

This is a very rough painting I started my Journey with, Feyre and Rhyshand


This is the first painting of the main character Feyre. I decided to veil her face so that when someone sees her face, no matter the gender, no matter how they look, they can be her.

Credits: Took inspiration from RinaLina

This is a painting of Cassian, the general of Night court armies who believed in fighting from the front lines than leading from the back. I know how his eyes look but still trying to imagine how he actually looks.

Credits: took inspiration from Dominique Wesson

This is Feyre and Rhyshand’s painting, in their own universe of true, passionate love. I kid you not when I say that my throat constricted with anxiousness after painting this piece into life and I did not paint for the next two weeks. This painting helped me understand what feelings painters actually go through during and after manifesting their paints.

Credit: FEYSHAND ACOTAR fanart

This is a painting of Velaris (Night Court) backyard view :D, I know I could have done a better job at painting the Aurora lights but still, I am a painter in training.

Credits: Society6

Not a painting, but a photo of a very interesting place I visited. This place, in my imagination, was one of the events in Velaris (Night Court).

Credit: My Instagram

The Journey is still going on. I am currently painting Cassian and Nesta as a couple and love the fire between them.

I would like to end my story here with my favorite dialog from the series:

“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys”

“To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered”