The Successful Business Model of My Ex Husband

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4 min readJan 20, 2022


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So, I was 20 when he was 40 and he married me because I was naïve and young. He got 3 kids from me within 5 years. I was educated and that’s what he wanted for his kids. A mother who would raise his kids well. But due to his initial unsuccessful business models, he found himself running from police soon enough.

He ran away from home when my 3rd daughter was just 15 days old. I took a sigh of relief and ran to court for divorce. Phew…..

He spent 2 years in jail. In Pakistan jail time makes you a pro in your craft. So, he came out as a pro fraud. He moved to a new city and started a new life there with a brand new name. He started working as a real estate agent. Got job in a firm too.

First things first, he needed a woman to tend to him and could not afford a maid. So, he hired a maid after making sure that she was a widow and had no children. She needed a job that would provide him food and shelter too.

My Ex took her in and declared his love after a month or so. That was before the first salary by the way. That poor woman was more than happy so she married him right away. Boom…He got a free maid plus free sex. Told ya… He was a pro now.

Now that he had a full time free maid at home, he could focus on his craft better. He started stealing clients from the firm and…