Two Basic Values I Want My Kids to Live By!

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2 min readJun 7, 2022


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They said managing a toddler is the hardest part of parenting.

Well, try dealing with 3 teenagers. It gets harder when you want to give them values that are not very much appreciated in your specific society. Our Desi (India-Pakistan) society loves doing two things the most, giving free advice and judging others for everything.

Been through a life here, I learned that it’s time to break this cycle. I stopped giving free advice and stopped judging others. I also make it very clear that I don’t want these two things from anyone.

My kids have friends outside home, who love to spend their time gossiping about others and telling everyone what to do. I started noticing these traits in my kids’ behaviors a while ago. My daughter loudly said that she hated Malala Yousafzai. I was shocked because she doesn’t know much about her. I asked her and she stated some lies that are common about Malala in Pakistan.

I did not say anything right then but a few days later I started talking about another lady social worker who is hated by many and especially by women. Without mentioning Malala, I said that society has taught women to hate on successful women because it suits others better if women keep loving their prisons. We talked about it for a while and my daughter herself asked me about the true story of…