What do women get after divorce in Pakistan

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3 min readFeb 9, 2022


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In west, getting a divorce doesn’t end life of a woman. They get child support, alimony, and support from the state too for the upbringing of the kids. It is totally opposite in Pakistan.

The things that women get most after a divorce are disrespect, predators, depression, loneliness, taunts, and financial crises. Let’s start with getting a divorce in the first place being a woman.

Woman cannot divorce their husbands unless this right is given to them during the time of marriage. This right is mostly neglected because apparently it gives a very negative impression to the people if the family of the bride wants the right of divorce for their daughter on the day of marriage.

So, those who are not given that right have to demand a divorce from their husbands. They cannot do anything if the husband refuses to give a divorce. The next option is going to court. In court the woman would have to give a valid reason for wanting divorce. Even if a solid enough reason is given, the court would ask the woman to resolve the issue. Even if the situation is life threatening, the woman have to meet her husband for at least three times to try and resolve the problems.

After getting a divorce, for alimony, she gets only a one time payment of amount that was also decided at the time of marriage. Now again…