A Case for Hope in the Future of Journalism

Social journalism students showed all that is possible when you engage communities with a commitment to empathy, equity, and sharing power

Lena Camilletti shares her incredibly powerful and personal work. She is joining ABC News to work in social newsgathering and verification.
Mekdela Maskal just absolutely crushing it. Her work on food apartheid in Brooklyn as well as with The City’s Open Newsroom project is tremendous.
Lauren Costantino dropping wisdom

Some overdue thank yous

First of all, thank you class of 2019 for your hard work and kindness. Contrary to popular belief, university teaching is not easy, but you made it fun and rewarding and left me feeling energized.

Danny Laplaza brought his usual warmth and good humor to his presentation.
That feel when you are banging out a grant proposal in an Irish pub at 11pm for approximately the third day in a row and the karaoke starts



MA students building new ways to engage communities at the Newmark School of Journalism at CUNY

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Carrie Brown

Engagement journalism director at Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY in NYC.