What does the whole “build empathy” thing really mean for journalists?

Come see the social journalism class of 2016 present what they have learned this year

As journalists grapple with the implications of “fake news” and rising public distrust in media post-election, many have talked about the need to cultivate empathy with a more diverse range of sources. But this admonishment sounds pretty vague.

Not to the CUNY-J social journalism students that have been grappling with the complexities surrounding serving communities and building empathy in new ways all year.

On Tuesday, December 13, at 5:30PM, the second class of social journalism students at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism will present about what they have learned. We invite you to join us in room 308 at 219 W. 40th St. in New York City; please be sure to RSVP here so that we can get a headcount for food and for our security staff.

We will also livestream the presentations on our site as well as on our FB page.

We will have 14 presentations strictly limited to seven minutes each. We hope you can stay for a reception with beer/wine after the event.

Our students participating in the Electionland project earlier this year.

You will learn about how one student not only successfully pitched an investigative story to the Marshall Project, but also developed and edited a zine with content from recently-released prisoners to be distributed in jails to help with the difficulties of re-entry. You will learn about how another launched a project that will help smaller local news organizations adapt to the increasingly mobile environment in which news is consumed.

As you can see, not everything we do in social journalism is traditional in the sense of creating articles or videos, although we certainly do that too. Another student helped grow a nonprofit organization that brings seniors and young professionals together to learn technology skills and is creating a guide that will help older adults communicate and tell their own stories. These are just a few small examples of what they’ve done…join us for more!

Appetizers will be served, and you can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #cunyj16

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