Social Justice

A better future for us all

Robert Davidson’s Creative Spirit

The Haida artist’s groundbreaking work—now on its first US tour—aims to rejuvenate a once-mighty culture.

The Silent Treatment

Imagine serving decades in prison for a crime your sibling framed you for. Now imagine doing it while profoundly deaf. 

Rage and Social Change

Examining My Own Cis Privilege

After writing “A Call for Cisgender Action,” I got an overwhelming response via email and social media. A mother of a trans* child, educators, and activists contacted me with questions and feedback. The response prompted me to spend a lot of time pouring over gender-related blog posts and Tweets this week. Most of…

Why are there so few good men programmers?

Every so often a programmer asks (and for no good reason also answers), “Why Aren’t There More Women Programmers?” Perhaps…

Why saying “I don’t see race/gender/etc.” is offensive

You’re not being blind to people’s diversity; you’re turning a blind eye to their experiences.

You Don’t Need To Be An Asshole to Be Great

Some of our world’s more brilliant minds have less than stellar personalities, that much is true. But causation between…

The Worst Thing You Can Call A White Guy

Louis C.K. is one of the smartest comedians of today, and one popular segment of his, called Being White, helps explain why. In this bit he talks…

I Was A Child Without a Future

Why equal marriage matters to me

I was a child without a future.

Social Justice
Social Justice

A better future for us all

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