Introducing Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls are already available for all Twitter users, and, as a Social Media Manager, you must know how to use them to your own advantage.

In case you have not heard about the new (great!) Twitter updates, we are pleased to inform you that the company has recently lauched a feature that promises to be revolutionary: Twitter polls.

In the past, you have probably used other resources to know your audience’s opinion on a topic, such as tweeting questions and tracking replies, tallying hashtag votes, or asking followers to favorite or Retweet to vote. All that is ancient history now!

With Twitter polls, you are able to create your own two-choice poll right from the compose box and it will stay active for 24 hours. You can vote on any poll, and your vote is not shared publicly.

Though this new feature seems to be just a small change , it is a big leap in Twitter’s evolution, since it can change Twitter’s character as a platform, adding interactivity to tweets and providing users with the potential for easy-to-parse feedback from followers.

Creating polls is technically easy: just click on the poll-icon, ask something, and provide your audience with two options. But as in anything in the Social Media World, it’s all about being creative and innovative. Not any question will foster engagement and interaction.

Find out what will catch your audience’s attention, and try Twitter’s new feature!

TIP: it’s a good idea to add some humour to your polls!

Hope this ideas are useful for you! Feel free to comment and/or ask.

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