Concussions, Football: A Hit Upside The Head

Concussions can have multiple effects and take major tolls in your life. Concussions aren’t just an one time thing. The effect is has on the brain can cause concussion like symptoms that are life long. Concussions creates major memory loss, a strong pain in the eyes especially in bright lights, control of the brain, Parkinson, and Alzheimers and etc. The awareness has become much more important due to the reports of concussions from former athletes such as boxers and football players.

According to Medline Plus, concussions can alter chemicals in your brain for them to function properly. You have to very extremely careful dealing with concussions.

Most concussions are sports related injuries. You can become concussed from a minor hit upside the head. Anything that’ll force the brain to shift in a impacted motion can be scary. Not because of how you’re brain knowing when a concussion will come about is the scariest thing about playing sports, or about the injury itself. It’s not every time you get hit upside the head, but it could be the smallest impact that can cause the concussion. You never know how your brain will react or function to certain impacts.


Over the years football has changed so much because of the safety of players. In the early times of football, players were wearing Leather headgear as a helmet.

As you can see, helmets basically were strapped to the head from leather material; which stop no type of impact that could slow down on the brain. As the game became more rigorous, the game also started changing the to protect players more. In the 1950’s plastic helmets were then invented hoping to cope with the head damage players face. The helmets had no facemask though.

Helmets were plastic and leather. It added more protection as people started to gain more interest in football and it started to blow up. Overall, it helped nothing in the end terms. A lot of players never reported their head problems to be diagnosed with concussions which is another reason concussions are a big scare and treatment. After the growth of plastic helmets filled with synthetic material, helmets made another turn for the better; in which Riddell began inserting pads into their helmets that would allow for adjustment of fitting and the absorbance of contact.

To this day, Riddell is the leading helmet company for the NFL and also high school and youth football because of how they’ve developed their helmets and everyone follows behind them to do so. They produce the best helmet and the newest equipment that NFL players get validation for first.

The 1980's and present day helmets have made a major development especially with the way helmets are these days. It is places apart of the helmet that would allow shock waves to stay in that area or dealing with head placement, you may not feel any impact at all. If helmets were like this first, a lot of things could’ve been avoided. I guess that’s why you live and you learn correct.

Knowing that these concussions can be lifetime damaging, it scares a lot of people away with dealing with a sport they really loved. CTE can be lifetime threatening and it doesn’t have anything to do with age relations. Anyone can develop this; in which the most fatal result can cause death.Football players love game so much, their safety sometimes isn’t what matters to them, when it should be the most important thing to them. It’s a prideful thing, which isn’t a problem but you have to know when to stop and care about your life and how things can affect you in the worse ways. I had a friend pass away due to head injuries that he sustained in football. He had problems in the past that he didn’t want to settle and it cost him in the end.