Throwing a great party doesn’t just consist of you playing music and everyone showing up. You must have at least a few things that you cannot go without such as good music, a loud speaker, alcohol, picking the correct venue and making sure that you invite more FEMALES than males. So you don’t have to be a party planner in order to throw a great party.


Picking a time and a place for your party is critical to kicking things off, so when it comes to these things I want you to always keep in mind the type of space you have and the type of people your dealing with. I say space because you do not want the place to be so crowded that people can’t even dance so if you have an apartment big huge parties their is a no go.

Try asking your friends who have houses ,or renting out an Hall would be even better. Now when I say time that just goes in a count for the average party person because most people will show up 2 hours after the start time or later. You will only have a few people who will be on time, so just set it around 8pm or 9pm, that way late people won’t show up too late and early people don’t feel like they are too early.



A theme for your party is great for throwing the best out of the best parties, because it gives people a chance to do things they never did before and makes your parties memorable. So if you throw another one people are more likely to show up.



If you don’t know by now, music is a key element in your parties. Please stop your life when it comes to throwing anything. But I would always consider a DJ for the best parties. Your phone is fine but it could be a lot of cons to that, one being your phone dying.


When it comes to attractions it adds diversity to the scene which gives people more to do. As crazy as it may sound that people think of games at parties they love them a lot because it involves drinking while competing against someone to win.



Invite AS MANY FEMALES THAT EXIST IN YOUR LIFE! They will make your party. Please don’t be that guy or girl that invites only guys and expect them to have the girls. You will be up for epic fail.

Also spreading the word is key with this, so that is when social media comes into play. You have to be able to send the word around that you are having a party through every social media site that you can find — not just through text message.


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