Clothing Re-Construction And The Thrift

A quick DIY video on the re-construction of a pair of thrifted red pants. From originally baggy and purchased at the thrift to an upbeat expensive looking pair of bottoms. I go through the steps and process of taking the thrifted item under the sewing machine creating something entirely new and original. Hope you Enjoy!
Learning to design your own clothing pieces gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill, have fun with it, and potentially profit off it one day. As a college student money isn’t always so readily available, with a little time and effort you can create anything your mind desires at an affordable price. Everyone starts somewhere, learn some patience, grab some old clothes, and make them new again!
Not everybody knows how to sew nor do they own a sewing machine as Soulja Boy clearly DOES NOT. What he does have, is loose fitted clothing. That is perfect to begin the sewing process. Clothing that is too big or too small can easily be altered to the any desired size without breaking the bank on buying brand new clothes at an expensive retailer.
This YouTube video relates more closely to why I chose to promote DIY thrift tutorials. Any piece of clothing can be transformed into something extraordinary with a bit of imagination. If you can think it, you can make it! This video shows what alterations were made to an older short sleeved shirt, in order to re-construct the same piece of clothing into a modern long sleeve shirt. This clothing re-construction video is one that has inspired me to get under the sewing machine and learn for myself! This YouTuber influenced me to learn how to sew with his DIY channel. The transformation from an old/used piece of clothing that was once considered trash because of how it fit, then turning into something very very new is brilliant.

Why Not Thrift?

From my personal story, hopefully I could have changed at least a few peoples perspectives on thrift store shopping. Clothes from the thrift can be the perfect solution when you’re a college student, funds are low, or beginning a new skill like re-using clothing pieces for re-construction. This gives the designer a platform to use and destroy at the same time as practice makes perfect. Used can be just as new when you create that for yourself. I will touch a little more into Re-selling next.
This YouTube video/subtopic on how profitable thrift shopping can be shoes us another way to keep money IN our pockets while shopping at the thrift. Re-Selling can be achieved with just a simple visit to the thrift! There are an abundant amount of random opportunities to be made at a thrift store from re-using to re-designing to re-selling. There is money to be made when you know what you are looking at as shown with the video games purchased for dirt cheap. As a student in high school I did this and college, I often re-sell what ever I see could be profitable to have that extra money handy.
Not everyone has gone to a thrift shop because of the stereotypical concerns they may have. Narrow minded individuals believe second hand shops are too dirty, why would anyone buy someone else’s used shi**. Leaving the door closed when it comes down to this issue means you are missing out on a lot. But if you are interested in visiting a thrift store near you, for whatever reason here are some tips and fun facts you should keep in mind.
  • Welcome to Dans Daily Show During today’s podcast we discuss how thrifting could benefit you, along with sewing and why everyone should give it a try. I learned a few new things with my grandmother and aunt Abby. Another topic we touched on was how eventually where my grandmothers sewing interest originated from.
When planning DIY clothing pieces, everything that occurred up to that point in my life led me to sit down and make each mark with purpose. I would not be doing this if my grandmother hadn’t inspired me years ago sewing herself or take me shopping at the thrifts which I hated the most when I was young. I would not be re-constructing clothes if sneakers never became a hobby of mine, or if I hadn’t seen those photos on Instagram I liked so much, and those prices I didn’t like when shopping. If that someone (ex) hadn’t ever ripped my soul, or if I hadn’t trained my patience in the real world. Nothing you create will be exactly the same. With every piece designed, there is a reflection of who’s in front of it, making it unique in its own formality.

If you have not heard of Tinker Hatfield you are greatly missing out. University of Oregon runner and architecture graduate was hired by Nike as their corporate architect in 1981 designing stores and showrooms. Years later Tinker was asked to design shoes — creating the iconic Nike Air Max 1, Cross-Trainers, Lebron 1, Huarache and that’s not even mentioning all the work hes done with Jordan Brand Shoes. Tinker Hatfield is one of the most outstanding visionaries in my eyes.

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