11 things we learned on Day Two of J408 “Social Media for Journalists”

We went one better than the day before…

  1. Always check your sources.
  2. False information spreads the same way online as real information.
  3. Be a human being, before being a journalist (esp. in breaking news situations).
  4. Content can come from unexpected sources.
  5. Social Media is changing how news is broken — by individuals, organizations and publishers.
  6. Millennials are a very attractive — and often the most attractive — market for advertisers.
  7. Be careful with what you post online.
  8. Although we’re seeing a rise in misinformation online, we’re also seeing a rise in tools and expertise to sort through the noise and verify content.
  9. Anyone can run a background check on you — be aware of what you’re sharing and where; and/or that there’s lots of information out there about you that you may not be aware of.
  10. Do under others (online) as they would do undo you. Netiquette matters.
  11. What goes online, stays online. Your digital footprint is often permanent.