Stop Being Perfect In Your Marketing

As marketers, sometimes we want to be perfect.

We want to produce perfect visuals (Images and videos).

We want to create perfect Facebook Ads. The ones that get more than 50% CTR (Click through rates).

We wait for inspiration to strike us. I am also guilty of this sometimes :(

But, seeking perfection is always a moving target.

Waiting for perfection makes us feel like we are not enough.

It makes us feel like we are not ready. And then we never START.

So instead of trying to be being perfect, just start.

Just do it.

Whatever Facebook Ads course you took, just start implementing the strategies. Don’t wait for another “perfect course” or a moment when you feel like you “known enough”.

Create those Instagram images and schedule them.

The inspiration for perfect filters and colors will come to your along the way.

You know the blog post, that you wanted to start last weekend? Just start working on it.

Create your first draft.

Successful people take action consistently.

Same goes for successful marketers and campaigns. They have failed several times and learned something from every failure.

I used to be scared of blogging. It kept me from sharing my thoughts for a long time. But now I make a conscious effort to produce consistent content, even if no one reads it.

I write consistently so I can get better at it. (ali)

If we don’t start, we won’t fail and we won’t learn.

So what have you been putting off recently? and why?