Social Hack — Making The Most Of Twitter’s Lead Gen Card

Physical business cards have been around forever. We’ve seen different iterations of them in regard shapes, sizes, materials, etc. Some have even tried to make them more interactive with 3d cards or CD business cards (remember those?). If you’re active on social I’m here to show you how to get rid of carrying physical cards around forever.

People are on their phones constantly, especially at conferences and events. Why not connect with them on their preferred platform, log their data for follow up later and create an easy and beautiful user experience. To do this you’ll need a few things:

  1. A Twitter Account
  2. A Website
  3. A Fun/Unique Image
  4. Willingness To Engage

Set Up:

First visit and set up your ads account. Note that you will have to have a credit card on file in your ads account to do this, but it won’t cost you any money.

Then create a dark promoted Tweet (don’t add it to any ad campaigns) that states what your intent with users data is. This will act as your privacy policy. If you have that on a site already somewhere and can link to it you don’t need this step. Save the dark post link for during the next step. Here is mine:

Now create a Twitter lead generation card from your account.

The lead generation card will have a note calling for people to connect with you. When the user clicks the connect button, Twitter then stores their name, Twitter handle and email for your records. If you have a CRM that is supported, such as Infusionsoft or SalesForce, you can even auto send that data into your CRM database. If you don’t have a CRM or use an unsupported one then you can export the contacts in CSV format from Twitter later. In the privacy policy section link to your dark post you made earlier.

Publish this card as a dark post on Twitter, then pin that post to the top of your profile. This will now act as source to connect with people passively, as it will always appear first when people view your profile! Here’s what it looks like on mobile:

Here’s How It Works:

Now that your pinned tweet is getting you passive connections, it’s time to use your new virtual lead generation card in real life. Lets say you’re at a conference, for this example I’ll use WordCamp Atalanta. You meet Noah and get to talking. You love what he has to say, because Noah is awesome, and want to follow up and connect later. Instead of asking for his business card or giving him a physical card to store and hold on to ask him for his Twitter account. Then at the moment or later in the day send him this:

Noah then gets a Tweet from you, remembers what you chatted about and has the option of sharing his name, Twitter handle and email with you. You can even add in custom hidden sources to the card to attribute this card to a specific event. On his end he can follow you directly from that Tweet, view what you’re going to do with his data (privacy policy) and provide his data with the click of a button. All without leaving Twitter.

After Noah clicks to connect, I get his data on the backend in Twitter and redirect him to my personal site so he can see my other social properties and choose to connect there as well. Here’s what the experience looks like on mobile:

  1. Noah gets the tweet previously pictured above.
  2. Noah clicks to view my privacy policy (since mine is in a tweet he stays within twitter) Pro Tip: If your policy is more than 140 characters type it out in a text editor, screen shot it and then use the image in your tweet.

3. Once Noah has read it and hits the back button he is back to the connection card. He then hits connect. Submits his info automagically and gets redirected to my mobile optimized site:

4. Again because this is all in Twitter once he is done viewing the site, he clicks the “x” and is right back to your tweet with a nice confirmation message that all went smoothly:

That’s it! After an event or anytime you please go into your account and download the lead generation data that was submitted to you. Use that to follow up on social, email or other to connect with your new connections and friends.

Questions? Comments? Post below, would love to know what you think!