Best Marketing Podcasts Under 30-Minutes

Every morning I have between a 20–30 minute commute to work. I usually end up listening to podcasts such as Serial or This American Life or go through my Flipboard to catch up on some reading. However, for the past couple of months I’ve been wanting to find a good marketing podcast, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find something that I would actually enjoy!

After listening to so many podcasts I realized in order for me to enjoy a podcast I need it to have a few different elements: it need to be short, entertaining (humor always helps), informative, and feel like a conversation and not a narration. I ended up going through so many podcasts and found some that were OK, some that were bad, and some that were pretty amazing! So here I am sharing my top 4:

1. The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk answers questions from his Twitter followers about social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Not only is he insightful, but he’s straightforward, passionate about what he does, and the best part is that he’s hilarious.

His podcasts actually started off only as videos on his Youtube channel, which I recommend you to check out as well.

Episode length: an average of 20 minutes.

2. Content Inc. Podcast

Joe Pulizzi founder of Content Marketing Institute hosts this podcast. He is easy to listen to and is quick to the point, and will leave you with key information about content marketing.

Episode length: less than 15 minutes.

3. Call to Action Podcast

This podcast presented by Unbounce’s Stephanie Saretsky and Dan Levy interviews experts in the digital marketing world. You’ll find some great marketing tips, tool, events, resources, and more.

Episode length: an average of 20 minutes.

4. The Growth Show Podcast

Presented by HubSpot, this podcast is for those who want to drive growth (whether it’s a company, idea, or a team). Every episode a person who has successfully achieved tremendous growth is interviewed, so you’ll get to hear their stories behind how they did and get some tips from them as well.

Episode length: an average of 20 minutes.

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