Top 10 Customer Service Tools Unicorns Are Using on Social Media

Customer service on social media is one of the main activities of leading brands, so we checked 17 unicorns in order to discover what are the most popular services for customer service.

One of the things we discovered is that brands are using completely different tools to manage their activity on social media and manage their customer service on social media. The results are below.

#1 Zendesk

Used by Twilio, Box, Instacart

#2 Salesforce Marketing Cloud (by Salesforce)

Used by Jawbone, DocuSign , New Relic

#3 Sprinklr

Used by Snapchat, GoPro

#4 Respondly (by Buffer)

Used by Stripe, Slack

#5 Lithium

Used by Lyft , Spotify

#7 Engagor

Used by Airbnb

#8 Percolate

Used by Theranos

#9 Insightpool

Used by MongoDB

#10 Airwoot

Used by Xiaomi

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