Leaning In without authority

Had skimmed through the @Sheryl Sandberg’s book — LeanIn. It had given a lot of cues on how to conduct in an office environment.

Was fascinated by this initiative leanin.org and joined the Bangalore circle recently and attended this months session by JayShree an executive coach on Influencing without Authority

Who does not want to do that? Don’t we have a tendency to label a lady in the workplace as “Bossy” when she wants things DONE, although she is saying the same thing which a male colleague is telling you over a puff and getting done too?

So the techniques which JayShree shared with us, @ Akamei, the hosts for this months event were leaning-in towards NLP techniques :). Was intrigued by the anchor technique, for set aside worrisome thoughts for a while, mirroring techniques while talking and of course was most intrigued by the eyes being our mirror of emotions. Did u know that we don’t have control over eye ball movements? Alas, it is true! So “Eyes are the mirror of the soul” is true, an NLP practitioner can tell, if you are making up something or retrieving info from your auditory or visual memory, by just looking at ur eyeball movements.

I am intrigued and informed by this session and would be part of this circle LeanInBangalore and hoping to learn more and contribute to it too.