5 Important Facts You Should Know About Google People Cards

On Tuesday, Google announced ‘People Cards’, which can allow users to create a web presence and find others on Search.

Google people card

As per Google, the feature allows users to make a virtual calling card on Search, highlight their website or social profiles, and add information about themselves that they might like others to understand. This feature is currently available in India only, but will hopefully expand to more locations soon.

The People Cards feature is aimed toward helping individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers who want to be discovered and help them.

Follow simple steps below to sign up for Google People Cards:

Google People Card

Google said that for each new card, the user must authenticate the account with a singular mobile number. He/she will have complete control of the knowledge to be included on the cardboard and may opt-out of the experience anytime, which can stop their details from appearing in Search.

For people looking to seek out someone on Search with their name, the card is going to be available. there’ll be a module with the name, profession, and site which users can tap to see their card.

For people that share an equivalent name, the Search will show multiple modules. The unique information will help users distinguish between different individuals to seek out accurate information.

Follow these guidelines for your people card:

Help people find and distinguish you from others once they look for your name on Google:

  1. Only include information about yourself. If you submit content that is not about who you are and what you are doing, Google may remove your people card.
  2. Generate your people card with suggestions for fields like “hometown” or “profession.” If none of the suggestions fit, you’ll add your own free-text.
    Keep your information up to date. Google may stop showing your card if it hasn’t been updated or verified for a while.
  3. If they identify content that potentially violates our terms and conditions, they’ll ask you to verify it. There will be a message on your card with steps on the way to change the content or appeal the choice. Repeated attempts at abuse may limit or cancel your access to the present service.



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