New Apple Privacy Terms Can Affect Facebook Ads

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New Privacy Terms Impact Personalized Ads

  • Effectively deliver ads to people based on their engagement with your business.
  • Measure and report on conversions from specific customers
  • Ensure your ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences at the right frequency
  • Accurately attribute app installs to people using iOS 14 and later
  • Predict and optimize cost per action over time and efficiently allocate budgets

How to Plan an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign with the New iOS Update

Independent Tracking and Retargeting

Segment your audience by Android and iOS users

Enable Value Optimization

  • Have an active pixel, product catalog, or Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Prioritize purchase events
  • Have more than 100 optimized purchases in the previous ten days
  • Have more than ten distinct purchase amounts in the last seven days

Our opinion about the iOS 14 update



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