Are you addicted?

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder have created a new way for people to stay connected and express themselves. Despite the many positive effects of these platforms, they can also be very addictive and cause problems with the users’ personal life. The excessive and problematic use of social media is called social media addiction. It is not officially recognized as a disease or disorder, but the discussion and research around the subject has been increasing. On the same time, the companies implementing these platforms try to exploit the addictive features to increase the usage, which makes this a really important issue.

Like with other addictions, a person addicted to social media needs to do certain things like checking status updates or update own status constantly, that it becomes harmful. The user might spend hours with the social media sites or might have the urge check for status every other minute. This can interfere with other important things, especially studying and work. An addicted person can’t have full focus on these things as he is constantly thinking about social media and also constantly checking it during other activities. However, social media is very useful in many ways. For finding and sharing events, marketing and finding out about own targets of interest. These things make it a necessity for many people, which is why this is a different kind of addiction.

The evolution of mobile has made social media available everywhere all the time. This has also made it a lot easier to become addicted to it. People don’t socialize as much as they used to, and when meeting or hanging out, the mobile phones are constantly in the hand. The margin of what is addiction and what is not, is not quite clear, but it can be said that a lot of people are somehow addicted to social media and the use of mobile phones. What needs to be done, is that everyone thinks a little about their social media usage and tries to meet and hang with other people without the constant glances at their phones. If you recognize yourself as an social media addict, think about things you can do against the excessive usage yourself for a while and try taking these solutions into use. One way to reduce the usage is to only use social media and glance the phone during breaks when studying or working. Usually, the stuff that is posted will still be there if you don’t check it every minute or even every hour or two.