Stop the spreading

Few years ago, a 28-year-old man opened fire into a pizza parlor, because he suspected the owner of running sex trafficking ring that involved children. The origin of his information was from several fake news sources abroad. Internet has made it hard for people to know what is true and what is not anymore. Everyone can write anything, and it can spread very quickly through different routes. Many individuals believe everything they read, and this has become quite the issue.

Social media is a source of news for majority of people today. Only a small number of people are paying for online news anymore. The origin of news and information gained from social media can be from anywhere, and the quality and truth behind them is questionable.

Social media and other sources of information in the Internet are continuously used to provide false information and fake news to manipulate different targets. This may lead to decisions being made by the target because of the information that is believed in. This concept, known as information warfare can be used to manipulate many different audiences like corporations, governments and individuals. The evolution of technology, collection of personal data and rise of the social media has made this type of manipulation a lot of easier and it is very common today. For example, it has become common knowledge that Russia has been influencing the western culture for some time now through false information, and probably vice versa too.

This issue has led to a need for higher quality sources of information and new solutions for existing ones. The big corporations of the Internet are the ones that can do the most. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are able to filter fake information with some limitations (users have the freedom to post what they like unless it is deemed as harmful, offending, etc.). Facebook is also beginning to let its users rank the news sources by trustworthiness. Google has integrated some fake news blocking add-ons into their Google Chrome browser. Some suggestions have also been made about biggest social media platforms paying for quality news organizations to increase the quality of information that is distributed among the users. In other words, new solutions are being created but much more is needed. Businesses with capabilities and knowledge are needed to focus on this area. A high-quality solution might become quite profitable if it is able to help against this issue.