What the Wizard of Oz Can Teach Us About Social Media

Luis Borba
Jun 17, 2013 · 2 min read

You’re Dorothy. You’ve been dropped into the land of Oz with nothing but a pair of ruby slippers. You’re a stranger in a strange land. This is your social media adventure down the yellow brick road.

You know the storyline: Dorothy gets pulled into a tornado’s funnel and dropped into the land of Oz. Strange characters try to guide or obstruct her path to the Emerald City, to meet the elusive Wizard. Among Dorothy’s ambassadors in the adventure are a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman, and a Cowardly Lion.

A brief study of the characters can teach us about social media:

Scarecrow: Brain. Everyone is capable of social media, it doesn’t require special schooling and there’s a lot to be learned by simply doing it. Begin with the basic rules, and slowly but surely social media will evolve with you. A byproduct of this will be your own personal insights, making you influential.

Tin Woodman: Heart. Social media requires heart, and once you get into it, those rusty joints (and any hesitations you had) will vanish. Relationships will develop, and they will lead to more followers and advocates.

Lion: Courage: Businesses are afraid of getting into social media for many reasons. Customer complaints and elusive ROI may rear their ugly heads at some point in the journey. Believe in your brand’s greater good and these doubts will recede into the forest.

We’re Off to See the Wizard…of Social: The Wizard, like social media engagement, are the catalysts for journey. Having the right social media management tools like the ruby slippers are important in getting you deftly down the yellow brick road. That’s why it’s always important to pack a comfortable pair of shoes.

Dorothy thought that the Wizard would make sense of it all, but in actual fact she made sense of it herself by using a combination of brains, heart, and courage.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Stories, how-tos, insight & wisdom from those who work with this digital marketing medium.

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    Social Media

    Social Media Marketing: Stories, how-tos, insight & wisdom from those who work with this digital marketing medium.

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