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Our Founder’s Wellness Toolbox

Today I went back to the mat. It’s Q4 which is a busy season for the team at Social Nature and I decided to take a proactive measure to purchase an unlimited yoga pass as I know how grounding it is for me.

When I’m ‘zoomed’ out I head to the mat.

When I’m overwhelmed I head to the mat.

When I want to ensure a great start to my day I head to the mat.

With my first business, I didn’t take a vacation for 4 years (mistake).

Now with my second business Social Nature I offer 4 weeks of annual paid time off to all my staff — including myself 😃 and we have a flexible work environment that helps my team find their own balance with work and life.

I’m not perfect (sometimes my ambition goes into overdrive) and if I’m honest my perfect day can often include some work, but I now better understand how to integrate life/work in a way that keeps me energized and at my best.

In my wellness toolbox are practices like yoga, daily walks with my husband, rock climbing on the weekends, quarterly long weekend getaways, unplugging for at least 1 day on the weekend, cold water dips with friends, and investing in an executive coach.

What do you do to keep yourself grounded and performing at your best?

Yours for a sustainable future,

Annalea Krebs
Founder and CEO @socialnature

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At Social Nature, we’re on a mission to change consumer habits and help more people make the switch to healthy and sustainable products on their next shopping trip.

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