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Social Nature Technology Update — Insights Edition!

Rei Colina
Social Nature
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2 min readJul 18, 2022


All consumer-related industries are driven by data. You need to know the “why” behind people’s buying decisions.

In our mission to “help people make the switch to better-for-you products”, our Product & Engineering team is proud to unleash Social Nature Insights™ — an advanced analytics dashboard that provides real-time feedback and insights on Digital Demos product sampling campaigns.

Social Nature Insights™ now allows our customers to move fast with data they can easily see and action. Teams across Marketing, Sales, Retail, Innovation, and Customer Support will be able to tap into our community of 1 million shoppers to:

  • Analyze pre and post-trial surveys to learn why consumers buy their products.
  • Filter product and campaign data by retailer, competitor, region, and more!
  • Access insights across the product lifecycle so they can engage the right shoppers.
  • Identify top attributes driving demand and purchase intent for their products.
  • Get product ratings and reviews in real-time.
  • Expand their brand community with email opt-ins
  • Understand their consumers through member profile data

This was the result of almost a year of user research, technical innovation, and collaboration across the company. Adding analytics to your product line is not to be taken for granted; data processing, loading performance, and granular testing are some of the challenges that we faced along the way, but the team’s hard work and determination (#WinTogether) allowed Social Nature to innovate in the analytics space to #MakeItHappen for our customers!

Check out our Social Nature Insights™ Video below, and go to for more details.