I don’t hire Millennials…

… but I do hire wonderfully unique humans of every age.

Aaron Bailey
Mar 25, 2016 · 2 min read

My head spins with the barrage of media attention about “Millennials.” Articles tell me, the business owner, that I should adapt my business to appeal to Millennials. They make up the majority of workforce, I’m told. Hire and adapt to them!

Nope. I won’t do that. And here’s why.

It’s the wrong way of looking at a very complex issue.

Not a single human is a complete stereotype. You see, if I label a job candidate as a “Millennial” the moment he or she walks into my office for an interview, I’ve placed assumptions on that person, some correctly but many incorrectly.

And that’s not fair to the candidate, and it sets up the wrong expectations after I hire.

This is what bigstockphoto.com tells me a Millennial looks like.

Instead, I must get to know my team on a deep and personal level. Each one of them is a complex human being, who shows up to work every day, with a different background, wants, needs, abilities and challenges. My hiring and HR practices should reflect that we’re all unique.

To be successful, I must care about every employee I have — not only from 9 to 5 but also for who that person is after he or she leaves the office. This goes for the people in my life outside the office, as well.

Furthermore, people are not different nor do they have completely different needs solely because of the year they were born.

My 20-somethings want to be given the opportunity to learn and grow and have flexibility in their work, in the same way my 40-somethings do. There’s no difference.

Sure, generational stereotyping can reveal some interesting societal trends and is fun to debate, but deep down, aren’t we all unique humans?

Having sold his last company, Aaron Bailey is currently planning the next thing — applying his entrepreneurial experience to organizations promoting justice and good. Follow his blog at aaronbailey.com.

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Aaron Bailey

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Serial entrepreneur currently applying his experience to organizations doing justice and good around the world. aaron@aaronbailey.com

Social Proof

Real eCommerce experiences from real entrepreneurs

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