Pragmatic Idealism

Pragmatic Idealism (PI) looks at making the most beneficial action happen in the most practical way possible.

It is about not using up energy US vs THEM battles, so many of which end up yielding very little ground. Instead, it is about co-opting everyone (including the ‘evil’) to create something beneficial to all.

It is about doing whatever can be done ‘next’ rather than struggle for an ideal Utopian ‘Best’ — the 100% solution in fact becomes a barrier for even the smaller wins to happen

PI is also about respecting actual experience and time tested truths — that politics needs resources and not 100% politicians can or will be absolutely honest

When you are a pragmatic idealist, you don’t bother about WHO does the good or HOW it happens — what is most important is that the most workable idea gets space to actually happen

It is about aligning interests and using imagination to create solutions that make sense to everyone — and thus, very little blocks them.

It is also about not giving up ‘idealism’ but just taking a very practical approach to it — about not thinking in terms of good or bad people but enabling and blocking actions.

While it may seem a very convenient and morally flexible philosophy, it is very difficult — it calls for willingness to let go of rigid idealism in favor of a compassionate, inclusive way of creating change.



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