This journey is a marathon…

From my time in the social space, I’ve learnt that this journey is a marathon…to see systemic changes takes several decades of work….

For many young people in the space, burn out is common. Questions around relationships, finances and family remain unanswered. And the complexity of the world we’re living into is simply bewildering.

A question then we asked ourselves was — what can we do for the 20s generation?

I thought about what would I have loved to have in my 20s as a ‘backpack’ for my trek into social change

- A larger picture of what’s the nature of our crisis

- A flavour of all the different initiatives happening all around

- Learning from elders about the lessons we’ve learnt in this journey

- Co-travellers who would walk this journey together for decades

We’re co-creating such a space at “2069?”

For any young person interested in the longer journey of social change, and for any organisation looking to develop their next generation of leaders, this is the place to be!

The intention is to meet every year, and collectively start building the movement to the next level!



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