What a journey to walk together

If only more of us would think this way, lesser and lesser of us would have to think only of themselves!

Happy MLK day….great to see MKG’s inspiration cross borders, while some of us here are trying to vilify him….

Some of these people, their true value will become evident only in retrospect

18th Jan

Which person in your life comes to your mind when you read this piece on wisdom?

In a world overflowing with gyaan, it is wisdom that is much rarer….

Unlike gyaan that can be googled, shared and showed off, wisdom doesn’t flow as easily. Rather, it has to be cultivated by digesting one’s experiences, confronting one’s shadows and fully feeling one’s feelings.

Wise people are a joy to have around. They communicate their wisdom through transmission, subtly. They embody and radiate it rather than deliver it through words. And they share freely, patiently and without any expectations.

Wisdom comes in so many different shapes, sizes and forms that it is hard to fully describe it. Yet, when one encounters it, one knows.

Sometimes it is not in a person but in the space that opens up when two or more people authentically communicate and connect. In fact Wisdom 2.0 seems to be the wisdom of the collective.

And then there is wisdom of nature only so much of which our limited minds can grasp.

As children of all these generations of humanity, we are privileged to have access to wisdom across religions and faiths, across geographies and from throughout history. Yet this wisdom is not ours till we have fully experimented and embodied it.

What a lovely journey to take together :)

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