Universal services

Help! What’s this about?

Universal services are any organisation that you can ask for help from directly without being referred there by another professional. Here is a list of universal services you may come into contact with:

- Family doctor (GP)

- Maternity hospital

- Community Midwife

- Health visitor

- Sure Start centre

- Children’s centre

- Play group

- Father’s group

- Baby massage

- Young parents group

- Baby clinic

- Baby PEEP

- PEEP Learning and Playing Together

- Stay and Play

- Nurture Group

- Counselling services (both you and your child)

- Job hunting and skills group

- Local Connexions group (for children aged 13–19)

- School

- Youth club

- Children’s sports clubs

What do I do if I’m asked to go to use one of these by a professional?

The best advice is to do as they ask. Except school, a children’s social worker can’t force you to go to them, but these groups and organisations can really help you help your child do better. There is no manual on being a parent but often these organisations can give you the best possible advice!