CheersLeader of the Month: Robert Brownstein

Sarah Shepherd
Jun 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Why Do We Have a CheersLeader of the Month?

We periodically interview one of our amazing co-workers to highlight on our culture blog. A great culture is 100% about the people that drive it. We come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences and all add a lot of spice to this workplace.

Note from the editor: Instead of recognizing those who received the most Cheers like we do each week, we want to highlight a special individual who makes it a priority to recognize others for the amazing work they do, making them our CheersLeader of the Month!

CheersLeader of the Month: Robert Brownstein

Tabler Since: February 2016

Hails From: Rockville, MD

Proud Alumni Of: University of Maryland, College Park

What is your role at Social Tables? Engineer!

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables? Fighting technical debt at Hinge

What do you like to do outside of work? Hardware development, 3D modeling, biking, surfing when the opportunity presents itself.

Talk about your favorite Core Value: It’s hard to pick just one, but I really love Be Outrageous. Greatness happens when people are willing to deviate from the prescribed norm and shatter expectations. Whether you’re spreading energy on a dance floor, writing the next great open-source module, or photoshopping coworkers into paintings, that choice to push boundaries is what drives humanity forward — and I love that we treat it as a core value!

Then man was NOT kidding about tearing it up on the dance floor.

Talk about your favorite Social Tables event: I love the innovation sprint! Seeing everyone cut loose and build new technologies makes me feel like we have enormous potential as a company, and gives me hope for increased investment in novel intellectual property in the future!

What makes you weird? I know virtually nothing about sports culture.

Your Favorite Cheers from Peers:

  • Thank you for providing a resolution for that bug that has been dogging me — sorting and dragging room components! Always great to have a second pair of eyes on your code!
  • That Dubotify turnaround…………………….like Tom. Nice work.
  • Thanks for showing me the cool stuff you’re building! I always appreciate your thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.
  • Great work setting a great example and knocking out so many tickets the first day of the sprint & game planning how to tackle the big email tickets as a team. #Leadership.
  • Cheers to Rob for strengthening our team’s esprit de corps through regular ping pong breaks and team lunches!
  • Thank you for heading out to Chicago to help us with Hyatt! I really appreciate it. Have a great trip.
  • Thanks for your help with Hyatt!!! Awesome to see the power of face to face meetings!
  • Thanks for all your help implementing account-service end points.

Social Tables Culture Report

We created this blog to share our unique culture with you…

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