The Importance of Voting in Person in 2020 Elections

No Matter Who You Vote For

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Yes, It’s That Important

This particular post is directed at the American population who are at least 18 years of age. Firstly; if you are not registered to vote, you need to register today so that your voice can be heard. If you are registered and not planning on voting, you need to decide to vote in November. It is vitally important that you cast your vote and allow your voice to be heard in this way. The future of the country is on the line. Deciding who is going to lead the United States of America as we move onward; is your right as well as your duty as a citizen.

In this post, I’m not going to try to sway you one way or the other. You are a grown adult and capable of making up your own mind. Be sure to do your own research and form your own opinions and outlooks on the issues. Never rely on media outlets only; most of them will lie to you. Do you research, form your opinions, and then go down to your designated location and cast your vote for whomever you believe will best serve the country.

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Why Should You Vote in Person?

Now, we get to the focus of this post; why should you vote in person instead of using a mail-in or absentee ballot? The answer to this question can be broken down mostly into two points; true and proven points. First, there is far less room for error if voting is done in person. Second, there is far less room for tampering if voting is done in person. Tampering? Yes; tampering. In several states already, hundreds of mail-in ballots have been found in ditches and dumpsters; a quick Google search will show you these cases. Most of the ballots found were for the Republican party and a vote for Trump. I leave you to decide what that means, but in any event; people filled out mail-in ballots and turned them over to the USPS. Those ballots were never delivered; they were discarded in an attempt to tamper with the voting results.

It much harder for people to tamper with results, if you push the buttons yourself and cast your vote in person. The future of our country is at stake; don’t be lazy. Go down and vote in person and ensure that your vote is counted correctly. Don’t allow others to steal your voice and further their own agenda at the expense of the American people. Assuming that nobody tampers with your vote; error is another issue. If you vote in person, there is far less of a chance that something will go accidentally wrong. Even if someone doesn’t throw your vote into a ditch or a dumpster; it may end up at the wrong building, the wrong office, it may arrive at the wrong time, and any number of hundreds to thousands of things that could go wrong with that process. Vote in person; you eliminate at least 80% of the events that could go horribly wrong and cause your vote not to count.

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Is It Safe to Vote in Person with the Pandemic?

This is a valid and logical question, and one that everyone should consider. The short answer to this question, is; yes, it is safe. When you arrive at the location for voting, wear your mask. While you are there, stay six feet away from everyone that doesn’t live in your household. Even if the place is crowded- which I hope it is- there is a good chance that officials will help keep everyone physically separated. Take hand sanitizer with you; use it while you are there if you would like. Certainly, use the hand sanitizer after voting; touching the buttons means that you need to clean your hands. Do not touch your face, until after you have gotten home and washed your hands with soap and water. Done. You have now made your voice heard and your vote count. You have ensured that there was very little chance for error and that nobody has tampered with your vote. Sadly; the danger of vote tampering is even greater for this election than the danger of error; however, both are very possible. Don’t let either of these happen to you.

In Closing

Again; be sure to vote in person for the 2020 election. Tell all of your friends, family, social media followers, and any other American citizen you can reach. Tell each one that it is important that they vote in person. Do your research, form your own opinions based on your own valid research, and then this November; go down and vote in person. See you at the voting polls.



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