US Voting Age Should Be Increased

Make Voting Age 25 or Older

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Recent events have shown that the ability to make rational and logical choices; may be left to those who are a little older. Riots and outrageous criminal acts are at an all-time high, and mostly being committed by those who are in their 20’s or younger. Now, to be clear; I’m not saying that every person below the age of 25 is incapable of making smart choices or behaving like an adult.

Because of the recent events, though, it occurred to me that the voting age in the United States should possibly be raised to 25 years old, rather than 18 years old. It remains true that many of the criminal acts being committed are by those who would still be able to vote under this change, but it is also true that there would be far less people voting for the leader of the country; who have not yet figured out how the world works. This year, in 2020, we will have people voting who aren’t aware of the importance of our history; which is why they foolishly want to ignore and do away with it.

I do believe that there should be one exception to this rule. Anyone under the age of 25 who has served in the US military, would be allowed to vote. The military will help you to grow up and to see the world for what it really is; including the rules and the reasons that the country is run the way that it is. Of course, this would also have the added benefit of ensuring that our military kept people. This exception would exist as an appreciation for serving; something that doesn’t exist enough; but also, to drive home the point.

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The point is actually rather simple. If you want the right to vote for the leader of our country, you had best be able to understand what it is you are voting for and the consequences and results of that choice. There are far too many people of voting age who are trying to defund police; not realizing that it will increase crime. Far too many people turning violent, while claiming to want to end violence. Far too many people claiming to want peace and justice; while committing numerous crimes “for the cause.” If you can’t show a level of reasoning and intelligence to be a valuable member of society; then you don’t deserve the right to vote for who leads it.

Yes, it could even be argued that the US voting age should be raised as high as 30 years old. People these days are trying to destroy the Constitution and the very laws that give them the right to speak out. Speaking out is a right that every American has; those laws and the Constitution gives us that right. The violence, riots, and looting… is not speaking out, though. That is committing a crime; or several crimes in many cases. Perhaps the US voting age should be directly relative to the actions and displayed intelligence level of the generation effected by it. Of course, that may be too much to ask, but one can always hope.

Many of us are worried for the United States of America after this coming election; and rightfully so. We have faith that it will turn out the right way and that our country will be saved from the threat that faces it, but still we worry. If a certain hopeful wins (meaning “she” really wins after he steps down) … then perhaps I will move to another country before the US is taken over by China and is a socialist country. For those who are complaining and hate the country so much… fine… leave then.

Either way; we remain hopeful that it will all be saved in the end. Support those who need supporting and beware those who have chosen the criminal way of doing things. Surely; they will be stopped one way or another. Prison or with tanks up the street; it’s going to come to an end. If you are still reading then I have no doubt that like me… you are…

Proud to be an American.




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