MesosCon Europe

Martin Bydzovsky
Nov 7, 2017 · 3 min read

A few weeks ago, I attended a MesosCon Europe — conference organized by Mesosphere, being held in Hilton, Prague and it was a blast.

In Socialbakers, we have been implementing Mesos (plus Marathon, Docker and other related technologies to our build & deploy stack) for a significant amount of time. During this process of adoption (will be definitely covered in upcoming articles) we encountered many issues, dead-ends and problematic situations as well as wow-effects when everything suddenly started running. The main struggle when implementing Mesos (we started almost two years ago) was definitely lack of real-world usage examples and configurations tips. Not to blame only Mesos, the same applied for Kubernetes, which we were also inspecting at that time.

Software that you install in your datacenter and it abstracts all your servers into a pool of resources. You don't care where exactly your code runs, you just specify required CPUs, RAM, disk size, ports and Mesos handles the rest.

So after walking the path by ourselves, I wanted to meet people with similar stories, share the gained knowledge and listen to others' ways of dealing with obstacles. Second reason was obviously to meet personally many of the people who are behind Mesos and Marathon projects — that I knew from Github issues, Mesos Slack etc… and listen to their presentations.

First thing to point out: The talks exceeded my expectations. I visited many local “general developers conferences” — which were said to cover all topics from UX/design, frontend through backend even to business related talks. And if I had red the wikipedia page for a given project, I would have gotten the same information as in the talk... :/ But MesosCon was different. The guys either from Mesosphere or from the invited companies (Allegro, Yelp…) really knew what they were talking about. Their talks went deep to the topic as well as answers to the questions in the end were concrete and helpful.

I also had a great time during networking. Most of the people I spoke were directly involved in implementing Mesos in their company. I was surprised a lot in which fields can Mesos be set-up. As we were talking about problems we have and how do we solve them, I came to a second thing I want to pinpoint: Many of the solutions we did, I always considered kinda hacky and not the right way. But chatting with the folks revealed, that the problems we are having are actually painful for them as well. And comparing others' approaches with ours ensured me, that we are actually doing quite good and shouldn't feel ashamed.

The concept of Town Halls were also great. Expressing ideas to the Mesos/Marathon developers and what’s important for us (users) is cool way to get feedback and involve the community even more.

Town Hall:
Open discussion on specific topic where the users and the Mesosphere devs are talking about whats important/problematic and where the development should aim.

So thanks Mesosphere for organizing such event! It was really helpful for multiple things: getting some hard-skills, meeting other Mesos-interested people and validating our cluster-setup.


We want to give you a sense of all the systems and technologies that power Socialbakers, and introduce our thinking, principles and our tech stack.

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We want to give you a sense of all the systems and technologies that power Socialbakers, and introduce our thinking, principles and our tech stack.