When did you meet your best friend ??

We all love our best friend the most. Whatever happens in our lives, our best friend comes to know about it before everyone else, no matter how intimate the topic is.

And then, we have certain types of relations as explained below.

Types of relations

We come across tons of people on daily basis but our interaction, our bonding can be divided into 3 parts only.

1) The-repulsive-relation
These are people whom you don’t like at all. They’ve entirely opposite mindset & frame of mind than yours. Their presence irritates you and you are least comfortable with them.

2) The-synchronized-relation
These are people exactly like YOU. They think like you, and have attitude like you and this might seem to be an advantage but it actually turns out to be quite disastrous coz no one compromises. 
Sounds weird ?? Think about it!!

3) The-sync-out-of-sync-relation
Well, this is the relation where most of our friends lie. A zone which can easily sustain compromises, adjustments and help you grow. While this zone takes care of your individuality, it also keeps the essence of relations alive.

We’ve a lot of people around us and broadly they can be said to be 
1) Personal 
2) Professional
If viewed differently, 
1) Family 
2) Friends 
And amongst all the relations that we’ve, there is one relation that is everything that we demand the Universe *Our Best Friend* !!

Umm, who is a best friend ?? 
Well, according to Google

a best friend is a person’s closest friend

But does this small definition suffice what actually on feels about one’s bestie ?? 
Umm, as far as I am concerned, NO. A best friend is much much more than that. Best friend is a person who knows every damn thing about us, every tiny detail about our food choices, our cloth preferences, our mood swings and of course how-to-interpret-our-fake-statements-with-hidden-meanings.

We all have phases of life. 
and so on… 
A best friend can enter your life in any of the above mentioned phases. 
When did you get your best friend ?? 
Click on the image below, and let us know, coz your view matters.

And to all best friends (of course, including mine :p)

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