Development Update 028 — Sociall Goes Private!

Sociall (SCL)
Nov 8, 2018 · 4 min read

New Features and Getting Real Q&A series

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Welcome to our 28th Development Update! We can’t believe it’s already November — time flies when you’re having fun, right? Our team is delivering well on schedule with the majority of our features expected for Q4 as per our roadmap. Hashtags, Mentions and Mobile Apps, all currently in development and expected to go live before the end of the year.

So, what have we been up to this week? Our development team successfully released two important features, Post Sharing and Privacy Settings.

Post Sharing

New post sharing capabilities have been released to Beta and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received by our Beta contributors. We expect the usability of this feature will increase activity on Beta and the ‘All’ Feed will be flourishing with the most quality content shared on Sociall.

Sharing a post is quick and clean. Simply select the share button, add a caption if you wish, and post! Shared posts are easily identified in the feed, with a simple grey line indicating the original post within the new post.

Sharing a post without a caption adds no new content to the post and therefore all likes, comments and re-shares are credited to the original owner’s post.

Sharing a post with a caption then separates any new engagement away from the original post. In this case, the Beta contributor has added their own thoughts on top of the original content and therefore warrants their own thread of engagement. So likes or comments are attributed to the person who shares the post.

Privacy Settings

Another feature released this week was our Privacy Settings. These settings allow Beta contributors to personalise their account and refine who sees their content. Posts made from private accounts will not be viewable in the ‘All’ Feed — they will only be visible in the ‘Following Feed’ to users you have approved to follow you.

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For private accounts, all new follow requests will be displayed in your alerts tab, next to your notifications. From here, simply delete or approve the request. The other person will not know if you deleted their request.

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If you decide to change your privacy settings from Private to Public, you will be alerted that any pending follow requests will be automatically approved.

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You always have the option to block an account if you don’t wish that user to see your profile at all. There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can block.

Getting Real with Sociall CEO, Jade

Our support team are always receiving questions from our community regarding different aspects of our project. We want to keep our Sociall community and Beta contributors informed and involved as much as possible— so what better person to answer these FAQ’s than the CEO himself?

The ‘Getting Real with Jade’ interview series covers 20 questions about Sociall’s Beta state, future planned features, data privacy, SCL value and volume and much more.

Episode 1 explores Jade’s work life, why he started the project and what he is working on now. You can hear what he has to say below! 👇

Wondering what else Jade spills the beans on? Here’s a sneak peek of queries Jade covers in the series.

[Ep.1] Why did you create Sociall?

“I created Sociall because I found a niche in the social networking industry. No existing social networks were really putting their users first or valued their privacy. I also wanted to create an environment where everyone enjoyed coming to work. Recently the business of business has been consuming me — legal, financial, recruitment, admin and all the other responsibilities of running a company— but I’ve jumped back into dev recently to deliver our mobile apps, which has been fun. I’m a coder, and that’s why I started Sociall.”

[coming soon] When will Facebook Migration be live for existing users?

“In the beginning, our Facebook Migration tool was planned to roll out alongside our Open Beta Launch. A delay in the approval process meant it wouldn’t be ready in time, but we didn’t want to push back the Open Beta launch any longer, so we released without it. This is why it‘’s currently only available for new user sign-ups. However, the retrospective use of our Facebook Migration tool for existing users is now in development and can be expected within the next few sprints.”

[coming soon] How long is Sociall’s open beta?

“Beta is a really important phase of our project, to user-test product market fit and iron out any glitches. Therefore, we don’t have a hard deadline for when we expect to come out of Beta, but we anticipate towards the end of next year.”

Plenty more Sociall CEO insight to come with Episode 2 coming soon!

Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to know when our next episodes drop.

Got a question? Want more details before you sign up? Follow us @sociall_io or email us at — Sociall is built by real people for real people (no bots!), so let’s chat.

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