Getting Real Q&A — Ep. 3

Sociall’s Future Features

Getting Real with Sociall CEO Jade is a multi-part Q&A series that covers 20 questions about Sociall’s Beta state, future planned features, data privacy, SCL value and volume and much more.

Episode 3 covers interesting questions about Sociall’s future features and functions. Jade talks about the upcoming retrospective Facebook Migration Tool, account privacy settings, video upload and live streaming capabilities, as well as Sociall API’s for other platforms.

[Ep.3] Will Sociall have an API to other platforms like LinkedIn?

“We’re considering an open API in the future, although in recent events on what’s happened with Facebook and a few other mainstream social networks with their open API’s, there’s been a lot of privacy and security concerns. So, we’re considering it but we need to make sure its implemented correctly before we start.” — Sociall CEO, Jade

The next episode will explore decentralised technology and how it will impact Sociall.

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