CASE STUDY: My Client Wrote a Great Blog Post. Here’s How.

My client and friend, Judith Mackin, wrote a great blog post that I felt compelled to commend her for. It is a highly relatable post and it was something I really thought my friends should see, so I shared it. Judith et al. is an effective and creative team that does super interesting interior design work and tells great stories about it. We provide advice and Kelly did some of the photography in this piece, but they drive their own content machine and use social media to build friendships. Their presence on social media is formidable.

But this post stood out for me:

Here’s why (the IM dialogue):

The actual conversation in Hangouts IM

ME: I shared your post spontaneously today

I didn’t even see you were running a contest until just now

it’s a really great one

JUDITH: oh thanks — why do you think it is great exactly?

ME: it is very relatable

it is obviously a split entry or split entry-calibre home which is very common around here

it is not a grand home in a posh neighbourhood. It is middle class. average, typical.

So the transformation is very relatable

Also, this post comes across more than most as really driven by an understanding of how this family lives and their lives are also likely a lot like mine and many others

this family’s use of their entryway, dining area, livingroom etc is probably very similar to mine and my family’s

do you always include quotes from the family? These quotes also made it more relatable.

Heath’s comments made me think “my kids would probably feel and say the same thing if I transformed our home that way”.

so, to sum up, it is highly relatable and there are a few ways that you accomplished that

other than your clients who hired you, who did you have in mind when you wrote that post?

who were you hoping it would resonate with?

it is great that your client hired you to improve so much of their living space

in other before and afters of average homes, my memory tells me you were only hired to do one or 2 rooms at a time

this project will be life changing for this family because it is so extensive.

I was excited for them when I read this post

JUDITH: WOWSA! You are in the wrong profession. You need to be a reviewer!

ME: lol

I am, aren’t I?

I review my client’s brands

and content

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