One Tutorial To Reach Them All

Or how we generated +115,000 qualified potential leads by solving a trending issue.

As a young startup, it’s always difficult to reach the right audience, especially when this same audience is always harassed by ads and salesmen every single day. That’s why we at hate cold emails but are big fans of Growth Hacking. One of our best acquisition channels is actually our blog. We love to share our expertise about social media and help our (potential) customers with their daily challenges. Even if they are not interested in your product right now, cultivating a great relationship with your community by providing them with the best advice, is clearly the most effective way to generate accurate leads! Our recent experience is a great example of this.

Indeed three weeks ago we published a brand new tutorial on’s blog. It was called the first step-by-step guide to capture and stream in real-time Facebook Live reactions. This tutorial was made as a response to help all the Social Media Managers, Community Managers… asking on Facebook and Twitter about how it was possible to create this kind of interactive video with a real time counter.

Making the live stream work was actually not that hard all it needed was some coding skills. Fortunately, we have some 🙌 So on the 10th of November, we spent a few hours working on a simple and complete tutorial to let anyone stream his Facebook Live reactions on his Facebook Page. You can read it here if you missed it.

The perfect match

It might be pretty obvious but, as a company, you need to publish content that will interest your next customer. Sharing a tutorial about how I cook my delicious burgers would be super exciting but not really in line with our potential buyers’ interests. At, our happy clients are, as a majority, part of Communication & Marketing teams from medium-size to large companies and digital agencies. This Facebook Live reactions article couldn’t have fit more perfectly with this exact target. We knew that we had solved here a trending issue among the Digital Marketing world.

Once we published the article on our blog, we spread the word as fast as possible through social media platforms. We shared our article in every Facebook Group focused on Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Startup and Growth Hacking. From France to the USA, we shared the info in +60 different groups.

And the magic happens!

Feedback was amazing! In a couple of days, we had more than 9,500 interactions on our Facebook posts — likes, comments or direct messages — and more than 115,000 unique visits on our website. It was actually pretty time consuming to answer all your messages but it was totally worth it! Influencers, bloggers… The news was shared EVERYWHERE. By the way, I need to apologize about that… I guess we’re a bit responsible for this massive increase of Facebook Live in your news feeds. Mea culpa. But don’t worry, now that Facebook updated their guidelines, you won’t be spammed anymore ;)

The most interesting part with this tutorial might be the fact that we decided to open source our code by giving users the ability to download for free a full kit containing all needed scripts and visuals. The only counterpart to get it on your computer was to unlock it by liking our Facebook Page or by tweeting the tutorial. Thanks to the Social Locker widget — usually found on developer and designer blogs — we got more than 5,500 new qualified fans on our Facebook page and thousands of tweets mentioning our Twitter account.

Preview of the Social Locker Widget

Make your brand shine!

I do not doubt that you understand how valuable this kind of viral tutorial might be for your brand. Any startup with a new product dreams about being in the spotlight. With this tutorial, we strategically increased brand visibility by mentioning our name on every file we shared, so as to make every user remember is also in your source code on The Best Hacks ;)

It was pretty funny because we saw a lot of video tutorials emerge on YouTube next to our post, mainly from India. And guess what? The brand was still there! So besides the virality of our article, we got tens of thousands of viewers who saw our name on different videos.

This Youtube video has more than 30K views and features the brand.

A major SEO opportunity

You probably may be aware that having quality content posted on your blog is a great opportunity to improve your SEO. It is a long-term process but the more viral your posts are, the more you’ll have a chance to see your ranking increase in search engine results pages (SERP). We wanted this tutorial to be hosted on our main domain and not on Medium or any other platform. If you want to rank first in Google, especially on certain keywords, external links pointing directly to your official website can be a great help! As planned, we got some qualified external links from different other blogs and media. Not only does this feature to new potential customers, but Google bots will appreciate this qualified linking strategy. Also, the Social Locker I mentioned before will boost your SEO too. Social signals are more and more important for search engine algorithms.

So in less than a month, we increased drastically our visibility in SERP. Here is our evolution captured in the AWR Cloud dashboard:

Sharing is always a good idea

Sharing expert advice to your potential customers is always a good idea. It will bring sympathy around your brand (thank you all for your lovely messages by the way ❤) and will bring you a lot of accurate leads.

On top of this tutorial, has increased five-fold the number of quotes every day and we have just signed two of the biggest European brands in previous weeks thanks to our different growth campaigns. Be sure that we won’t stop there!

Don’t hesitate to take a tour on — the first intelligent social wall — we’d be glad to help if you have any questions ;)