Captain Fantastic & The iHeart Living Room Concert for America

Socially Driven Music develops and parlays #MusicThatMatters with hyperlocal extraordinary music and activism that pays financial and emotional dividends for all…now and later!

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watched the excellent, poignant and heartfelt televised “iHeart Living Room Concert for America,” hosted by Elton John (March 29, 2020), and the Global Citizen “One World: Together at Home” special (April 18, 2020), and was struck by how they mirrored some of Socially Driven Music’s most fundamental concepts.

Event driven concerts and coordinated livestreams are appreciated, but the real heavy lifting begins with motivating effective follow-up. Although the excellent programs certainly illuminated their worthwhile goals, the limited design of single, universal programs (despite their promotion) stops short of achieving maximum potential. This type of old-school campaign would achieve greater impact as a springboard for then parlaying the reach through complementary hyperlocal shows (livestreamed and/or live when possible) that create interactive artist/fan relationships for the benefit of local people in need. The main point here is to take livestreams to a whole new level of personal interaction to drive compelling activism with new music specifically created for social cause impact.

Animating social good is a core purpose of Socially Driven Music. It’s an extension of community service which can be applied to COVID-19 thinking. We push boundaries and bring socially poignant music as a recurring, prominent theme of artists’ work to be activated locally around so many issues that matter (and election voting that influences them)… not only when there is an urgent event, but to regularly feed and reflect our collective zeitgeist. SDM’s mission is to advance and improve the livelihood of music artists and songwriters while rallying with social good organizations for reciprocal benefit, hyper-locally. It’s an opportunity for Super Fans and Music Biz luminaries to collaborate with music talent (emerging and established). It’s a very forward-thinking endeavor, infused with analytics and cutting edge tech to maximize revenue for talent and causes and supporters.

We envision the transformation into large scale freemium and premium livestreaming models that will become the new normal for more intimate contact between artists and fans, and an exceptional promotional strategy. While it is not the same experience as attending a live show, utilizing a cleverly scheduled rollout of livestreaming to a hyperlocal, targeted audience can extend the reach and impact of the message and messenger(s) and even add a new dimension for a pre-show or post-live show for special guests and social causes (e.g., Twitch on steroids). Still, as potent as it is, it is but one of many strategies in the SDM arsenal to create and rally around songs that motivate actionable social good that can transcend that song’s hit status.

esides publishing several essays on Medium, perhaps the following open letter is the clearest example to illustrate the power of this concept and Socially Driven Music’s overarching mission. Our signup page includes a dropdown summary of the large reach of different spheres we work to benefit by connecting music to them.

An Open Letter From Socially Driven Music to a Local Doctor:

“Hello Doctor:

Hopefully you’ll remember me. I was excited to see you on the local news last week at the center of the battle here against COVID-19. Having your expertise is comforting as you help lead the community through this pandemic with the same empathy and compassion that you provided me and my mother as we worked to slow her decline.

After my Mom passed away in March of 2016, I found myself wanting to offer the knowledge I’d accumulated over 20 years at her side to others in a similar situation. As we know, patient advocacy is essential. I was never sure how to accomplish this aspiration, but included it in a long list of social impact causes that my music startup intends to tackle. After hearing the appalling suggestion by Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Fox News political analyst Brit Hume and other right-wing commentators that older people should be sacrificed in the event of a ventilator shortage, you can imagine my reaction. Don’t these people have parents or elderly loved ones?

To give you a quick overview of Socially Driven Music (SDM), here’s the signup landing page: The page links to several essays about SDM and our main website. Essentially, emerging music artists, songwriters and their “Super Fans” (potential Socially Driven Music Musicprenuers) are invited to join us, along with Social Causes and Philanthropies. These groups identify the social causes they support and SDM connects them with established artists and writers (and industry Mentors) who they believe share their passion about making a positive difference. The causes and established artists and writers are the impetus for creating new music with emerging musicians, and for coming together as an interconnected hyperlocal grassroots powerhouse community for change.

I’d welcome a conversation about how SDM can best organize a show of gratitude and support for the medical teams in our valley, and how best to communicate and assist with its needs (including politically). Ideally, with local musicians, we can also generate donations to targeted philanthropic organizations, as well as to find ways to assist the afflicted, especially the elderly.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for all you do. Please stay safe.”

will occur to thinking people that this pandemic provides us all a much needed reminder that our perceived differences are unimportant, and that something bigger than any of us may be making that abundantly clear. Music is known to increase Dopamine and Serotonin levels in us and, at its most poignant, we have all experienced the exhilaration or tears that it can evoke. SDM is about creating, activating and harnessing that emotion.

This essay not only provides some possible relief proposals during the Coronavirus scourge and a call-to-action for many other worthwhile causes outlined in SDM’s signup page, but is also a roadmap to the future of the music business for those who fully digest its ramifications. Have a look at the itemization of some of the powerhouse benefits to the Socially Driven Music business model in the Comments Section below this post. Also find this same itemization of SDM’s Value Propositions and an outline of the Mentors & Musicpreneurs remuneration structures on the Socially Driven Music website.

Music is the universal elixir.

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Published By Stephen C. Love:

Socially Driven Music is an artist-centric, advanced analytics company led by visionary founder Stephen C. Love and based upon his extensive music industry background. Mr. Love was one of the co-architects of the legendary ATV Music Group (publishers of the Lennon-McCartney catalogue and many other celebrated writers), where he served as Executive Vice President, Worldwide. His career includes EVP Music, Worldwide, at Carolco Pictures, All American Television and Pearson Television (Fremantle). Long considered a big thinker and visionary, he has extensive experience in international music publishing creative, royalties and overall administration, Film and TV supervision, and negotiation of composer, artist and soundtrack agreements for dozens of productions.

Originally published at

Socially Driven Music

#MusicThatMatters — The Intersection of Music and Social Impact

Stephen (Steve) Love

Written by

Music Biz Luminary; Social Media & Fitness Evangelist; Animal Rights Advocate; Politico; Palm Springs (CA) Area Real Estate; Big Thinker!

Socially Driven Music

New Publication, Spring 2020: The Roadmap for the New Music Business Where Music and Social Good “Come Together” for Activism, Mutual Benefit and Greater Revenue

Stephen (Steve) Love

Written by

Music Biz Luminary; Social Media & Fitness Evangelist; Animal Rights Advocate; Politico; Palm Springs (CA) Area Real Estate; Big Thinker!

Socially Driven Music

New Publication, Spring 2020: The Roadmap for the New Music Business Where Music and Social Good “Come Together” for Activism, Mutual Benefit and Greater Revenue

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