Socially Driven Music began as a plan to guide music creators in improving their livelihoods while intersecting with and championing social causes.


Socially Driven Music (SDM) was created to improve the livelihoods of music artists and songwriters by connecting them and their fan bases to social causes, (see a list of causes on the dropdown menu of our landing page). #MusicThatMatters #MusicPurpose.

Frustrated that your voice isn’t being heard? We can amplify it! Music Artists and Songwriters (legacy and emerging) join with each other, industry mentors, causes, political campaigns, and fans in innovative strategies for positive change. SDM is the music industry’s de facto advocacy/activism group. We increase music revenue through altruism and, by extension, the encouragement of a return to the tradition of socially poignant music in this divisive current climate.

Headcount makes sure you always know when elections are happening, and have the information you need to vote with confidence. Sign up to receive election reminders, get registered to vote, and apply for your absentee ballot!

Power The Polls helps you volunteer as a poll worker:



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Stephen (Steve) Love

Stephen (Steve) Love


Music Biz; Fitness Evangelist; Animal Rights Advocate; Politico; Palm Springs (CA) Area Real Estate; Big Thinker!