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Sometimes the most successful business concepts take significant time to distill from a far-reaching futuristic blueprint to simple, elegant execution. The results come from a purpose that evolves through various iterations that then lead to a conclusion that was intrinsic to the original idea, but not easily articulated or actionable at first. This was the case with Socially Driven Music, where the value proposition of our concepts to the music industry and beyond became even more self-evident as it morphed over time.

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The elegance of SDM is its integrative, multipronged solution to several business and societal quagmires historically mired in paralyzed inactivity. The company is designed to exponentially parlay music and corresponding royalties while intersecting with and advocating for social causes. With its inclusion of advanced analytics, it is not only a stand-alone dynamic modular system, but can also perform as a music division for media companies that ordinarily license music (so that its expense instead becomes a revenue and marketing resource); e.g., new platform, Quibi and/or Amazon’s original programming. (The new platform Quibi is also a prospective outlet for bite-size videos demonstrating the alchemy of precisely developing music and social cause collaborations for uplifting, impactful results.)

1The first premise is that record labels are rapidly becoming obsolete as the Internet has shifted power from those who control supply to those who control demand. Music publishers will increasingly usurp labels to become the primary intermediary for professional development of music talent; “Music Facilitators” nee “Publishers.” As technology has eliminated the barrier to entry, there’s a huge swath of music fans who are alienated by the drivel/pablum that constitutes much of today’s repetitious, anemic pop music landscape. Not everyone who creates a music track is an artist or songwriter. Indeed, few are. And there are even fewer professional, exclusive songwriters who consistently deliver the gems that profoundly influence us all over the years.

2There is a major distinction to be made between the current pattern of artists featuring other artists on their recordings, versus artists collaborating with established hit songwriters from music’s most innovative periods. While the former tends to rely on tracks and production techniques, the song has historically been the foundation of the most important and successful records. SDM is also eminently positioned to reactivate dormant repertoire that comprises the majority (the 80–20 rule which states that 80% languishes) of the major record label and publishers’ catalogues.

3SDM is about fomenting a resurrection of socially poignant music. We believe that a 21st Century Renaissance is possible that continues the supercharged creativity of music from a time when every other day seemed to bring another masterpiece (Beatles, Stones, Motown/Stevie Wonder/Marvin Gaye, Dylan, Kinks, Curtis Mayfield, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Ramones, Aretha, Queen, Elton, Bowie, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Clapton, Doors, Sly Stone, Hall & Oats, Creedence, Don Henley/Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Eurythmics, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Sting, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, James Brown, Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Bread, Fleetwood Mac, Garth Brooks, Tina Turner, James Taylor, U2, Prince, Springsteen, to randomly remind us of a few). Click on the list below to see more examples. Check out our other playlist for some great examples of socially conscious music.

Spotify Playlist: It Starts With a Song (More):

4Imagine the treasure trove of important music that can be derived from carefully curated collaborations between those artists with genuine vocal ability, and songwriters (especially from the previous generations), who have mastered the craft but have been quiet or sidelined over the years. Further imagine the effect of these quality copyrights with synchronization into film, television, games, etc. SDM is certain that many of these cherished writers must have unrecorded songs (finished or not) for the asking. We especially believe in the unlimited potential of introducing select artist-writers to collaborative master songwriters who preceded them. The exquisite expertise of writers such as Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, Jimmy Webb, JD Souther, Brenda Russell, Richard Carpenter, Randy Newman, Van Morrison, Robbie Robertson, Eric Kaz, Rod Temperton, Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald, Steve Winwood, Lionel Richie, Valerie Simpson, Jon Lind, Ken Hirsch, Richard Wolf, David Gates, John Fogerty, Diane Warren, Rand Bishop, Dave Stewart, Michael McDonald, Eric Clapton, Tom Snow, Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly, Nile Rogers, John Bettis, Jim Steinman, Eddie Schwartz, David Pomeranz, Rand Bishop, Paul Williams, Jackson Browne, Steve Kipner, John Lewis Parker, Brenda Russell, among other examples of potential cowriters, will distinguish and catapult true artists from those willingly constrained by a copycat mentality — chasing the production success of others (and certainly without regard for masterful songwriting), to the detriment of their individuality.

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5The unique SDM system combines artistry with animated philanthropy. We work with people we deem to be the best emerging artists and songwriters in the world to develop copyrights that potentially influence generations. In addition to your innate talent, your ticket to entry for consideration includes a genuine commitment to a social cause, supplying us proof of being registered to vote (U.S. and other democracies), and a pledge to encourage others to do the same.

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6As the founder and CEO of SDM, I have written an extensive series of essays that “drills down into the weeds” about our motivation and processes in becoming the de facto catalyst for music industry grassroots activism, which often works in tandem with Community Organizers (are you listening, Tom Steyers? Van Jones?). There are vast rewards to reap from the facilitation of music for a purpose with the intersection of underlying politics which invariably affects the potential of achieving goals. We embrace truth over the idiocy of “alternative facts” and honor the values for which the “Greatest Generation” and all Veterans and honorable Activists have fought and often died. The previous essays describe the evolution of SDM’s passion, ethos and fiscal structure comprising artists, songwriters, social causes, fans and our Mentors and Musicpreneurs (Super-Fan Ambassadors) programs. We are on a mission to remind music creators that social issues are an endless source of inspiration and success.

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7 There are several differences between the music industry occasionally coming together to express unified support for a newsworthy event, or individual artists’ commendable support of a cause they care about…and SDM’s strategy of artists infusing social poignancy into their work and integrating the promotion of their music with that passionate interest on a daily basis. This blueprint is made all the more compelling with the thoughtful pairing of especially yesterday’s hit songwriters with selected current artists who will greatly benefit from a magical song as the bedrock of their creative productions.

8SDM will offer Songwriters and Artists the opportunity to discuss their history and genesis of their collaborations on its podcast, and will generate “Social Tik Toks” and other new marketing to maximize exposure and royalty revenue for the music creators of every generation and contributions to their causes. All donations to causes will be made through Facebook Donate Buttons for now, and SDM will not touch any philanthropic contributions.

Socially Driven Music is an artist-centric, advanced analytics company led by visionary founder Stephen C. Love and based upon his extensive music industry background. Mr. Love was one of the co-architects of the legendary ATV Music Group (publishers of the Lennon-McCartney catalogue and many other celebrated writers), where he served as Executive Vice President, Worldwide. His career includes EVP Music, Worldwide, at Carolco Pictures, All American Television and Pearson Television (Fremantle). Long considered a big thinker and visionary, he has extensive experience in international music publishing creative, royalties and overall administration, Film and TV supervision, and negotiation of composer, artist and soundtrack agreements for dozens of productions. SDM is about reciprocally connecting music artists and songwriters to social causes and invites artists, songwriters and all important social causes and respective fans to join our industry experts in interactive advocacy. #MusicThatMatters #SociallyDrivenMusic

Contact us at: or or Socially Driven Music Facebook Page and/or Instagram and/or Twitter

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New Publication, Spring 2020: The Roadmap for the New Music Business Where Music and Social Good “Come Together” for Activism, Mutual Benefit and Greater Revenue

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