Socially Driven Music: Value Propositions

ocially Driven Music began as a plan to guide music creators in improving their livelihoods while intersecting with and championing social causes. We quickly recognized that this is best made possible by influencing the politics integral to it all. Together, we can impact social good rather than just complain about injustices. SDM is a clarion call and bridge that connects grassroots groups with passionate artists with shared values.

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Besides revolutionizing local activism and philanthropy by creating community with local emerging and established artists and their fanbase ambassadors, Socially Driven Music’s catalytic model puts forth several integrated Value Propositions that address many of the music industry’s ongoing problems, including:

  1. Encourages a focus on the creation of socially poignant music to bring together disparate societal factions and a return to fact-based reality, mutual understanding, respect and equitable resolutions, especially for the disenfranchised — impoverished or not; i.e., a sustained reemergence of culturally influential artists and writers with music as impactful today as it was in the late 60’s and 70’s.
  2. Engages a wide demographic and re-engages older generations who are disenfranchised by much of today’s music.
  3. Incentivizes voter turnout and appeals to young prospective voters to effect positive change.
  4. Reignites the careers of seminal, brilliant songwriters, many of whom have been sidelined by vapid trends that rely more on production techniques.
  5. Resurrects the careers of the 80–90% of artists and writers who languish in the catalogues of the major labels and music publishers.
  6. Brings new attention to Legacy/Heritage acts.
  7. Creates inventive collaborations between different generations of musicians/songwriters who are inspired by social good.
  8. Its hyperlocal model establishes channels of communication between super-fans (Musicpreneurs), artists and songwriters, luminary music business executives (Mentors) and diverse social causes to reciprocally benefit the discovery, cultivation and marketing of emerging local talent in tandem with the causes they passionately support.
  9. Offers former music executives a return to the music business.
  10. Demonstrates new marketing opportunities in local markets that are then parlayed nationally and scaled internationally by tapping into large existing special interest and organizer communities, and syndication of the business model worldwide.
  11. Incorporates advanced analytics to target talent and fan bases, and to exponentially expand synchronization licensing opportunities.
  12. Offers imaginative use of tech to generate new, more personal experiences for fan-artist interaction, including use of audio-based social networks such as Clubhouse and Twitter’s new Spaces.
  13. Compensates everyone in the value chain, including creating additional sources of revenue for artists and songwriters from sponsorship by ancillary sources related to causes without subtracting from donations to the causes.
  14. Dismisses and replaces excuses for lack of transparency and works to expedite royalties, worldwide, including spearheading uses of Blockchain platforms for emerging talent and their collaborators.
  15. Offers original rich content production companies such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon an opportunity to transform much of their music expense to a revenue center.

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New Publication, Spring 2020: The Roadmap for the New Music Business Where Music and Social Good “Come Together” for Activism, Mutual Benefit and Greater Revenue

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